Milwaukee burns, Louisiana floods, but THIS is why Obama interrupts vacation

President Obama has become legendary, but not for becoming the first black president.

No, his true claim to fame is the number of times the man has managed to avoid actually doing his job to play golf.

Rather than deal with ISIS and ensure the safety of his constituents, he’s working on his chip shot.

Instead of working with his administration to bring Americans together and provide words of healing after riots in Milwaukee, he’s yet again hitting the green for some good old fashioned rest and relaxation:

Oh, but it seems there is at least one thing that will motivate Obama to come off the golf course.

Campaigning for his new best bud and the only security for his legacy of failure, Hillary Clinton.

The Chicago Tribune reports, “Golf, afternoons at the beach and … political campaigning?”

President Barack Obama is interrupting what so far has been a leisurely vacation to help raise money for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee. Obama has said there’s never been anyone more qualified than Clinton, who was his rival in the 2008 presidential contest and his first-term secretary of state, to be president.

Obama is slated to headline a Democratic Party fundraising dinner Monday evening on Martha’s Vineyard, the island playground off the coast of Massachusetts where he’s in the midst of a two-week vacation with his wife, Michelle, and their daughters Malia and Sasha.

Democrats Hank Goldberg and his wife, Carol Brown Goldberg, are hosting the event at their home in Chilmark, the same town where the president is renting a vacation home.

Obama will deliver remarks, but the news media will not be permitted to hear his answers to questions asked by some of the approximately 60 donors who are expected to attend.

Tickets cost up to $33,400, party officials said, with the proceeds benefiting Clinton’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee and state parties across the country.

The White House said Obama is eager to hit the campaign trail and be as helpful as possible to fellow Democrats. After the scheduling worked out, he agreed to interrupt his golf, beach and dinner outings to appear at the fundraiser and give Clinton a boost.

Isn’t it just a sweet relief to know that while racial unrest (which he has fomented) burns up Milwaukee, residents of Louisiana struggle to protect their homes and livelihood from floodwater and radical Islamic terrorists are plotting creative ways to slaughter innocent people here and abroad, our president is hard at work on his golf game?

The Obama administration cannot come to an end soon enough.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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