Al Sharpton makes JAW-DROPPING statement after Milwaukee riots

Have the facts ever mattered to the Black Lives Matter movement?

Did it matter that Michael Brown robbed a convenience story, assaulted a police officer, tried to steal his weapon, and was charging him when he was shot? Did it matter that Trayvon Martin was bashing George Zimmerman’s face into pavement? Did it matter that Korryn Gaines was pointing a shotgun at police, threatening to kill them if they didn’t leave her apartment where they were to serve her an arrest warrant? Did the fact that three of the six officers involved in the death of Freddie Grey were black matter to those claiming his death was motivated by racism?

Yeah – didn’t think so. As is the case during any incident where everything is still “alleged,” it’s always wisest to see what the legal system decides before coming to a conclusion. But to members of Black Lives Matter movement, that couldn’t be any more relevant. If the legal system did in fact find an officer guilty in the shooting of a black man, that’s proof that racism was at play. If the legal system didn’t find the officer guilty, that’s proof that the “system” is racist. It’s a “heads you win, tails you lose” game they love to play, as it never allows facts to interfere with the narrative.

That’s why, following the Milwaukee riots following the shooting of a 23-year old armed black man, I couldn’t have been any more surprised to see what Al Sharpton had to say about it.

Via Twitchy:

Wait for the facts.


Maybe ol’ Al was sleeping when it all went down BUT lots and lots of people ALREADY ‘responded’ without waiting for the facts in Milwaukee.

And they responded by burning down buildings, looting and rioting.

Now now, if Sharpton had tweeted this BEFORE the riots he would have nothing to talk about on his show for the next week and surely he will find a way to spin this to support his agenda.

Three buildings were burnt to the ground, which, given the city’s demographics, were most likely black-owned businesses. Black Lives Matter has managed to do more to destroy black communities in the past two years than any racist could’ve ever hoped to have accomplished.

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