WATCH: Reporter GOES OFF on State Dept. spokesman over Hillary emails…

Many of us have long had questions about Hillary Clinton’s potential conflicts of interest as Secretary of State when dealing with her own family’s ‘nonprofit” Clinton Foundation. These concerns have only been fueled by the latest emails released this week, thanks to Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information requests, including emails from the Clinton Foundation asking the State Department for “favors,” as we reported previously.

Believe it or not, members of the media today were attempting to get answers on this topic from the State Department. They asked spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau multiple times, any number of ways, whether the State Department had sufficiently determined there was nothing improper in the relationship between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.

After hearing the same non-answer over and over again, one reporter — The Associated Press’s Matt Lee — had enough.

As The Hill reports:

Reporters were asking spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau if there was any improper relationship between the Foundation and the State Department when Hillary Clinton was secretary.

The line of questioning was sparked by a newly released email from 2009 showing a longtime aide with ties to the Foundation asking top Clinton aides to give a job to an unidentified associate.

Trudeau responded that the department is “regularly in touch” with a wide range of people.

The Associated Press’s Matt Lee was unsatisfied with the answer and fired back at Trudeau.

“I’m sorry, are you — am I not speaking English?” he said.

“Is this — I mean, is it coming across as a foreign — I’m not asking you if — no one is saying it’s not OK or it’s bad for the department to get a broad variety of input from different people,” he continued. “The question is whether or not you have determined that there was nothing improper here.”

Watch for yourself — and feel free to skip ahead to about 2:10 if you want to skip over Ms. Trudeau’s repeating of the same non-answer again and again and again. (Though if you do choose to watch in its entirety, a fun drinking game could be drinking every time she says “to reiterate,” “very similar to what I said before,” or some variation on the theme.)

Yeah, Matt Lee just said what we’ve all been feeling. Go Matt!

Sadly, still exactly the same answer from the State Department spokeswoman. Which basically just confirms, in not so many words, what we already all but knew for certain: no they can’t confirm there was no impropriety because yes, indeed, it was RAMPANT.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]

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