Uh-Oh: NeverTrump crowd plans NUCLEAR option to take him out

Folks within the Never Trump crowd are employing a last-ditch effort to remove Donald Trump as the GOP’s official nominee.

Free the Delegates has been blasting out emails and phone calls to those who are anti-Trump in hopes of drumming up support for invoking Republican National Committee rules that would enable them to replace the real estate mogul for reasons besides the “death, declination, or otherwise” clause.

The group has been attempting to get signatures for a petition which requires signatures from at least 16 different RNC members from as many states.

TheBlaze is reporting, The group’s executive director, Regina Thompson, said that the effort was still “a work in progress like anything else of this nature is.”

“This is the only avenue left within the RNC rules,” Thompson said in an interview with TheBlaze. “We’re committed to working within the Republican Party process and this is the next step — and only step — left within the rules to change the nominee.”

The free-the-delegates movement has placed emphasis on the RNC rules that allow for it to fill “vacancies which may occur by reason of death, declination, or otherwise” — with the “otherwise” clause serving as their catalyst. And in order to try to recall and replace Trump, they must get the RNC to hold a meeting by submitting a written petition with at least 16 committee members’ signatures from at least 16 states.

Thompson told TheBlaze that the group’s request and petition have been emailed to almost every RNC member and that the group is now in the process of following up with those members. Free the Delegates has sent emails to supporters to request volunteers for help in contacting members.

During the convention, supporters of a measure to unbind delegates from candidates — particularly from Trump — were ultimately unsuccessful in passing their proposal both with the all-powerful Rules Committee prior to the convention or on the convention floor. Free the Delegates supporters said then that convention officials unfairly stifled their efforts.

“I understand that this is a process, and I understand that we might not win this war, but we have to keep trying,” she continued. “We have to exhaust every avenue that is available to us.”

At this point, one has to wonder whether or not the energy being expended by these folks would not be better spent fighting Hillary or at the least, focusing their time on local and state races in order to ensure that no matter what happens in November, Republicans retain Congress.

And while fighting Hillary and keeping her out of the White House is important, it’s critical at this point that we don’t get so locked into the battle for the Oval Office that we lose the even more crucial fight to keep control of Congress.

That should be a place where individuals on both sides can agree to meet.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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