Here’s the ONLY reason blacks need to vote REPUBLICAN this year…

Barack Obama is completing his final year in office, and after nearly two terms of the first black president, the problems plaguing black America have subsided. Racial tension is practically non-existent; more blacks are employed now than ever, allowing them to rise up from poverty by pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps; and our failing inner-city schools have been reformed, no longer failing future generations.

Oh wait — none of those things actually happened. In fact, everything Barack Obama has done has managed to accomplish just the opposite.

Did Obama seriously think conjuring up resentment towards the police, and backing a radical and violent movement like Black Lives Matter would heal the racial divide? Of course not. Race relations today are at their lowest point since the L.A. race riots in 1992. Thanks, Obama.

As for the economic statistics, the numbers speak for themselves — the single image below should be the only reason blacks need to abandon the Democrats and vote Republican in November.


Sadly, hard not to think this is by design. The more dependent people are, the more likely they are to continue voting for Democrats and their so-called handouts.

Hillary Clinton promises to continue the policies of Barack Obama, and with that, the results of those policies — which would tragically spell another four years of decline for the blacks whom the Democrats only pretend to serve.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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