WHAT? Obama says USA Olympics team is best because “we’re a nation of…”

There are some places you can reliably find Barack Obama and some places you reliably will not. The odd blending of the two this week paints the most startling case of hypocrisy seen from our White House in a very long time.

One place you will not find the President of the United States is at the Olympic Games. Obama has again chosen not to go to the Olympics and represent the country he runs. This means that during his eight years as president, Obama will have never attended an Olympic game. In 2012 he sent Michelle to the London Olympics. He turned down an honorary offer to go to both Winter Olympics that have taken place on his watch, instead sending Vice President Biden.

Apparently representing the USA and supporting our athletes isn’t that important to our leader. How do we know this? Because instead of going to Rio to represent Obama is instead going on vacation!

Yes the First Family is off for their annual retreat to Martha’s Vineyard. Which brings us to the whole hypocrisy thing. Obama chose to dedicate his (August 7) weekly address to the Olympics– and made it all about immigration and Islam. Using the Olympics as a backdrop for selling his agenda, he once again hijacked the bully pulpit for preaching identity politics.

He started the address listing what he considers to be great Olympic moments. Not surprisingly, the list was a collection of moments devoted almost exclusively to Muslims and ethnic minorities. He dropped this nugget, “Team USA reminds the world why America always sets the gold standard, we’re a nation of immigrants that finds strength in our diversity and unity in our national pride.”

By now of course you know that “nation of immigrants” is code for “We need to bring in as many Muslim refugees as possible and grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.”

He continued with, “Our team boasts the most women who have ever competed for any nation at any Olympic Games”, … “And a fencing champion from suburban Jersey who’ll become the first American Olympian to wear a hijab while competing.” What has any of this to do with Olympic athletic competition?

He then bends over backwards to heap praise on Muslims from countries other than America!

“We’ll cheer on athletes on the first-ever Olympic Refugee Team: Ten competitors from the Congo, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Syria who personify endurance.”

The president manages to squeeze in praise for socialism, “In our Olympians, we recognize that no one accomplishes greatness alone” and manages a jab at Donald Trump, “In a season of intense politics, let’s cherish this opportunity to come together around one flag.”

At no point does he praise the U.S. Olympic Team as a whole or the nation that sent them to Rio. It’s all “diversity.” That’s what makes America and Olympians great, not hard work, training, discipline, dedication.

Ok, fine. Now – back to the vacationer-in-chief.

After all that time devoted to “diversity” where does he hop on a plane and again take his family for vacation? The most lily-white enclave in America, Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha’s Vineyard is one of a small crop of communities in Massachusetts’ Duke County and must be accessed by helicopter. It’s a county which, according to U.S. Census Bureau data, is 96.6 percent white.

For the sixth summer the Obama’s have chosen this WASP haven, this shrine to lack-of-diversity to go to for their recreational needs.

While lecturing the rest of us on diversity being the backbone of America’s greatness, the POTUS will be attending parties put on by billionaires inside their gated communities while staying in an exclusive 7-bedroom/9-bathroom estate only the one percent can afford. He will spend his days golfing with millionaire friends at exclusive private resorts whose parking lots are dotted with Jaguars and Bentleys and whose fairways are surrounded with million-dollar homes where the ultra-wealthy throw catered black-tie soirees.

You know, the kind of life black folks in Ferguson, Baltimore and inner-city Chicago can relate to.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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