MORE proof Hillary is losing her marbles…

Hillary Clinton says that during her presidency she’ll create ten million jobs, she’ll defeat ISIS, combat the Wall Street cronies that have handsomely funded her campaign, and then we’ll all hold hands and sing kumbuaya. Crazy, or what?

If Hillary’s foreign policy is as “successful” as when she served as secretary of state, it would surprise exactly no one if another handful of jihadist groups sprout up as a result of her actions – and do we really expect Hillary to be tough on the financial industry, which is the largest industry donor to her campaign? Moving onto the economics, are we really supposed to believe that a woman whose never employed a single person in the private sector is capable of designing a structure of incentives that will lead to the creation of ten million new jobs?

Let’s look at Hillary Clinton’s record when she served as Senator for New York as Exhibit A. During her campaign for Senate in 2000, she promised 200,000 job upstate. As IJ Review joked, she missed that by a New York mile. The Washington Post reported:

Nearly eight years after Clinton’s Senate exit, there is little evidence that her economic development programs had a substantial impact on upstate employment. Despite Clinton’s efforts, upstate job growth stagnated overall during her tenure, with manufacturing jobs plunging nearly 25 percent, according to jobs data.

The former first lady was unable to pass the big-ticket legislation she introduced to benefit the upstate economy. She turned to smaller-scale projects, but some of those fell flat after initial glowing headlines, a Washington Post review shows. Many promised jobs never materialized and others migrated to other states as she turned to her first presidential run, said former officials who worked with her in New York.

Clinton’s self-styled role as economic promoter also showcases an operating style that has come to define the political and money-making machine known to some critics of the former first couple as Clinton Inc. Some of her pet economic projects involved loyal campaign contributors, who also supported the Clinton Foundation, The Post review shows.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has created roughly 34,000 jobs – and he didn’t need other people’s money to do it (OK – aside from that “tiny” loan from his father).

And he’s the one who’s “unhinged?”

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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