After Hillary STUNS police with snub, Sheriff Clarke nails her with THREE words…

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton hasn’t exactly made it a secret that she’s doesn’t have a huge respect or care for our nation’s rule of law and its overall security. This was, of course, most glaringly illustrated by her willful mishandling of classified emails during her tenure as secretary of state, as well as her glib dismissal of it after the fact — even as it turns out at least one person’s life may have been lost because of her self-serving carelessness. And, of course, many of us couldn’t help but notice the embracing of those who’ve broken our laws at the recent Democrat National Convention, while Hillary Clinton reportedly banned police uniforms from the convention floor.

Even so, our nation’s largest police union was stunned by the Democrat nominee’s latest outright snub of the men and women who protect our nation’s rule of law, after her campaign informed the union that she will not even be trying to seek its endorsement. The Clinton campaign declined to even fill out the questionnaire required to be considered for endorsement.

The president of the National Fraternal Order of Police, Chuck Canterbury, told The Hill:

“It sends a powerful message. To be honest with you, I was disappointed and shocked. You would think with law enforcement issues so much in the news that even if she had disagreements with our positions, that she would’ve been willing to say that.”

Following what appears to be a big-time snub, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke nailed Hillary Clinton for her failure to support law enforcement, suggesting that she’s “all in with the criminal element” and even a “straight-up cop hater.”

Via The Daily Caller:

Appearing on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends,” Clarke said, “Everyone running for public office at any level, knows that you want and you have to have the support of not only law enforcement but other first responders. But [Clinton] has made it clear from the convention that she is all in with the criminal element. She doesn’t care about victims of crime. She’s a straight-up cop hater, and so she is, like I said, rolling the dice on not having support of law enforcement.”

“The problem for her is that middle America, mainstream America does not share her sentiment in having sympathy for criminals,” Clarke concluded.


During the same appearance, Clarke also said with Clinton’s “With her getting in bed with this Black Lives movement, this dangerous, hateful ideology, she is taking it out on good, law-abiding black people that live in the American ghetto. They’re the ones who are victimized disproportionately by crime and violence.”

Fox reinforced this point with the following stunning graphic — which gives us all an inkling of where we’re headed if we elect another Black Lives Matter sympathizer to the White House, leading police officers to further restrain their policing out of fear of backlash.

Homicide increase

Indeed, it appears Hillary is going all-in on the Black Lives Matter movement — even if they are not so sure they will have her. As IJR reports, the Democrat nominee did meet with Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza last week, though did not leave with an endorsement from the movement. As we reported previously, Garza recently slammed Clinton, saying she only “uses black people for votes” and “photo ops,” but doesn’t “do anything for black communities.”

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]

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