Oops: Hillary lets slip EMBARASSING comment about her “husband”

It must be difficult out on the campaign trail to keep so many details straight in your head – especially when you’re Hillary Clinton.

Where am I? Have I already worn this pantsuit this week? What’s the latest story I’m telling about my email server? I wonder why I still have this cough? And now…who’s causing me more angst, my husband Bill or Donald Trump?

As the New York Post reports, Hillary may not be so sure.

Hillary Clinton nearly called rival Donald Trump her “husband” on Friday in an embarrassing slip-up that drew laughs from the crowd and Twitterverse.

The flub came as she addressed the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists in Washington, DC.

“I hope you will compare what I’m proposing to what my husb— . . . my opponent is talking about,” Clinton said, urging the reporters to scrutinize Trump more closely.

The correction, swift as it was, didn’t go unnoticed.


In this long, painful election cycle, we’ll take our laughs wherever we can get ‘em.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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