You know it’s serious when media calls latest poll “SHOCKING”

Last week, a number of presidential polls showed Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by as many as TEN points. It was not pretty. Pundits expected a post-convention bounce of two to three points, but then they couldn’t have predicted (as no one ever can) how Trump’s comments du jour would impact the figures.

Well, you know what? Maybe not so much.

The Washington Examiner calls this latest Reuters poll “shocking” as Trump has virtually erased the majority of Clinton’s lead.

After a week of being behind Hillary Clinton by ten points or more in various polls, Donald Trump has suddenly pulled to nearly even in a national poll by Reuters/Ipsos released Saturday.

Clinton leads with 42 percent of the vote compared to 39 percent for Trump, a significant gain for the GOP nominee, who had been behind by eight points in a Reuters poll Monday.

“The reasons behind the shift were unclear,” Reuters said.

The survey was conducted July 31 to August 4 as controversy raged over Trump’s response to a Muslim couple, Khizr and Ghazala Khan, who spoke out against the Republican during the Democratic National Convention. Their son had died fighting in Iraq. Trump questioned why Ghazala Khan didn’t speak, insinuating she was prevented from doing so because she is Muslim.

And the USC/LA Times/Dornsife poll shows even a narrower gap, with just four-tenths of a point separating Clinton and Trump; a virtual tie.


Gosh, maybe it was only the liberal media who really cared what Trump said. Gee, maybe it was the liberal media who ginned up the story about Trump’s campaign in tatters. Ya think?

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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