The number one question I use to EXPOSE hypocritical liberals…

Today, I would urge you to play an interesting little game with our progressive socialist friends of the left. Here’s what you should say to them, or email them about: “did you hear about President George W. Bush sending $400 million in Euros and Swiss Francs in an unmarked cargo plane to Iran in the middle of the night?”

Now, this is what you should listen for — if they know what you’re talking about or not, and if they don’t, ask them what they think should happen to President Bush.

I can almost guarantee you there will be those who will believe it was indeed Bush’s fault. And you can also bet when you tell them it wasn’t Bush but actually President Obama, the response will be, “I don’t believe you.”

It’s just a little test you can do to ascertain how informed those on the left are. Will there be some constitutional conservatives who don’t know about this issue? Perhaps, but the probability is lower.

Now, let’s have a serious discussion about this issue, which is a clear violation of U.S. statute, our rule of law. And please, you can spare me and everyone else the insidious excuse about an old payment to the Iranians that dates back to the days of the Shah of Iran. And late yesterday there was a new revelation to this bizarre — well, nothing is bizarre with the Obama administration — story.

As reported by the New York Daily News, “Officials in the Justice Department were wary of sending a planeload of cash to Iran at the same time that Americans were released from the country, according to reports.

The State Department overruled the objections and the questionably timed $400 million payoff went forward, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

“People knew what it was going to look like, and there was concern the Iranians probably did consider it a ransom payment,’’ a person close to the negotiations told the newspaper.

Revelations that the Obama administration delivered the cash [in the form of Euros and Swiss Francs] in the dead of night [in an unmarked cargo plane] to Iran just before five American prisoners were released by the country have conservatives howling and administration officials spinning hard to try to convince people the timing was just a coincidence, coming as part of a series of negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.

“If true, this report confirms our longstanding suspicion that the administration paid a ransom in exchange for Americans unjustly detained in Iran,” House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said in a statement. “It would also mark another chapter in the ongoing saga of misleading the American people to sell this dangerous nuclear deal.”

“It’s bad substantively and bad optically,” said former Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.), who served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and was a fierce critic of the Iran nuclear agreement. “Now it’s known we pay ransom to terrorists.”

The Obama administration tried Wednesday to downplay the shipment of $400 million in foreign currency that was sent to Iran as four Americans detained in Tehran were released, saying the timing of the dead-of-night money drop should not be an issue.”

The White House mouthpiece, Josh Earnest, hinted that this was just a “coincidence.”

Ok, how many of you out there with common sense are buying that a dead-of-night $400 million money drop, of American taxpayer dollars, laundered into Euros and Swiss Francs flown into Iran on an unmarked cargo plane, just as Americans illegally detained were released and the Iranian nuclear agreement is signed, was a coincidence?

This once again gives witness to just how dumb the Obama administration thinks the American people are. But mostly, it’s a testimony to the fact that Barack Obama believes he can do anything and the liberal progressive media will cover for him.

You see, Obama is their guy. Now, to this day, the left will still attack Ronald Reagan over the Iran-Contra deal in their attempt to demonize and delegitimize his legacy.

Consider that if this were a Republican president, the leftist media would be going 24/7 apoplectic and yes, every leftie in the world would know. It would be interesting to see what the Media Research Center (MRC) comes up with on media outlet coverage of this story — my assessment, it will not be heavily covered on those outlets. I’m quite certain the leftist media will still try to get legs out of the Khazr Khan story, which is unraveling before their eyes — as we have shared the truth about Mr. Khan here and here on these pages.

This duplicitous hypocrisy is why there are so many angered and disgusted by the progressive left media. They’re hell bent on dominating the narrative and defining truth based on their political ideology. And just consider the disparity in how The Khans were covered by the left media as opposed to Pat Smith, who they dismissed, demeaned, disparaged, and denigrated — we shared that here too.

But back to the story at hand… It is U.S. policy that we do not pay ransom and especially not to a country which is the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism. And consider that the Obama administration chided families who considered paying ransoms to terrorist elements that had abducted their loved ones — namely the family of James Foley, who was beheaded by ISIS…and Obama went to play golf. Now the man who tells us the response to terror attacks is more gun control, while he lives under 24/7 protection by guns, has now placed the lives of every American at risk.

Imagine if you’re an American traveling overseas during this summer, trying to enjoy a vacation — especially in Europe — you clearly have a target placed on your back. It doesn’t matter what Josh Earnest and the other minions and acolytes of the left say. What matters is the perception that now prevails, and especially in Iran…an American hostage is worth $100 million.

The message is one of weakness, subservience, acquiescence. The message is that this Obama administration will obfuscate, deny and lie to its citizens while taking our hard-earned tax dollars, laundering it, and then shipping it off to Iran — in the dead of night on an unmarked cargo plane.

This is the fundamental transformation that Barack Obama has brought upon this proud nation. We’ve been embarrassed by this president to no end, our Sailors on their knees at gunpoint, our citizens illegally taken hostage…and just so you know, Iran has taken another two Americans hostage. And most egregiously, we sent moolah to the mullahs.

America, we cannot be so taken for granted and duped. And it doesn’t get any better with Hillary Clinton in the White House. Show me someone who can defend this action by the Obama administration, which was disapproved by its own Justice Department, and I will label them a cancer upon our country — and it cannot continue to metastasize.


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