Student proclaims “All Lives Matter”; what happens next is TERRIFYING

Think all human life has value? Well, then you must be a hate-filled bigot.

The vice president of the University of Houston’s student government “learned” as much when she penned a social media post in which she dared to declare as much. “Forget #BlackLivesMatter, more like #AllLivesMatter” wrote Rohini Sethi in a since-deleted post. In a world where two out of three blacks prefer “All Lives Matter” over “Black Lives Matter,” you’d think such a statement would be uncontroversial, but never underestimate the professionally offended.

As The Blaze reports:

The Black Student Union of the University of Houston called for Sethi to be removed from office after the post, using the hashtag #RemoveRohini on social media.

Shane Smith, the university’s student government president, was granted one-time power by the student senate to determine Sethi’s punishment. The student government has the authority to issue sanctions independently of the University of Houston’s administration.

In a letter detailing the sanctions against her, Smith wrote: I am aware of the first amendment arguments that some have made. Yes, Rohini had a right to say what she did. Identically, students also have that same right to voice their complaints. The first amendment prevents a person from being jailed by the government for what they say. But the first amendment does not prevent people from receiving consequences for what they say, including workplace discipline.

Indeed, the First Amendment doesn’t protect us from the consequences of our speech, such as saying something insane like all lives have value. How did Sethi possibly think she could get away with such a statement? And yes — I’m being sarcastic.

Sethi has been punished with a 50-day suspension from the school’s Student Government Association, and has to attend three of the university’s “cultural events” every month.

In another post, she wrote that all she was trying to do was use “language that binds us together rather than language that singles some out.”

And here’s the thing: she DID use language that binds us together, rather than singles us out. There are a number of people who would rather divide than unite us, and you can find them in groups like Black Lives Matter and others that thrive on division.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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