Video of what Hillary’s VP did during her speech goes VIRAL

One of the biggest criticisms Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has faced since throwing her hat in the ring last year has been how bland, boring, and disconnected from the average American she is.

This actually prompted her at one time to revamp her campaign to appear more “spontaneous,” which of course, didn’t work, because, well, you can’t exactly plan spontaneity. That’s sort of an oxymoron.

Well, it appears the average voter isn’t the only one who gets bored to tears when it comes to Hillary, as a new video is floating around of the former secretary of state’s vice presidential pick struggling to give her his attention.

The American Mirror reports, After introducing Hillary Clinton at a joint appearance in the battleground state, the vice presidential nominee fidgeted on stage as his running mate was talking.

He drank from a water glass, turned around on his stool and waved to people off stage.

He picked lint off his pants.

He even motioned to his wife, who was seated nearby, that she had lipstick on her front tooth.

Here’s just a snippet of Kaine’s being bored with Hillary:

It really doesn’t bode well for a presidential candidate when her still freshly announced running mate is already insanely bored with her.

In fact, what it says is that Hillary is in big, big trouble. If she can’t even captivate folks in her own camp, how is she going to fare against The Donald and his supporters come debate time?

She will likely get eaten alive, and we’ll all likely enjoy every single minute of it.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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