Black Lives Matter issues STUNNING list of demands; reveals “final solution”

Black Lives Matter is out with a list of demands, and it’s every bit as insane as you’d expect coming from them. In fact – it’s even crazier than their protests, if you can imagine that.

The list of demands betray what the Black Lives Matter movement claims to be organized around: opposing police brutality. Most of us already knew that a supremacist movement like BLM doesn’t actually care about black lives and instead aims to further the radical political ideology of its organizers, but this list of demands goes to confirm it. The New York Times reports:

More than 60 organizations associated with the Black Lives Matter movement have released a series of demands on Monday, including for reparations. The list of six platform demands is aimed at furthering their goals as the presidential campaign heads into the homestretch.

As part of the effort, the groups are demanding, among other things, reparations for what they say are past and continuing harms to African-Americans, an end to the death penalty, legislation to acknowledge the effects of slavery, as well as investments in education initiatives, mental health services and jobs programs.

Yes – you should pay for the 1.4 percent of Americans who owned slaves over 150 years ago, apparently. Not only did you not benefit from slavery in any way — most Americans didn’t — and those who did saw all the wealth created by slavery destroyed by the Civil War. And how exactly would reparations for slavery work logistically? My (Matt Palumbo’s) ancestors didn’t come here until the 1930s, so would I be exempt as I don’t have any connection to slavery down my family tree? And what about blacks who are the descendants of other blacks who came to America after slavery was abolished? Will they get reparations? And what about people who are bi-racial? Are they only eligible for fifty percent?

Sure, they also demand reparations for “past and continuing harms to African-Americans,” but do you really think the crazies in BLM are the ones to be passing judgement on what these harms are? These are people who will cry “white supremacy” faster than the subject of a particular children’s story cries wolf. I’m assuming that violence by police is something for which they’ll demand reparations, but do whites also get reparations since there are more whites killed by police than blacks?

While some of the demands are reasonable (many people would support ending the death penalty, for example), the devil is in the details for their “education,” and “mental health” initiatives. For example, according to their website they want to fund these programs by diverting funds away from policing and incarceration. If you care about black lives, wouldn’t you want more police in your community? Apparently not. They also demand an end to investment in fossil fuels, a cut in military expenditures, a Constitutional right to a fully-funded education, and universal healthcare. So – socialism.

 Marbre Stahly-Butts, who is part of the leadership team of the Movement for Black Lives Policy Table, which worked on the demands, said: “On both sides of the aisle, the candidates have really failed to address the demands and the concerns of our people. So this was less about this specific political moment and this election, and more about how do we actually start to plant and cultivate the seeds of transformation of this country that go beyond individual candidates.”

The groups worked on creating the demands for a year before making their demands known on Monday. They now plan to start local campaigns aimed at pushing for changes in law enforcement and community programs in cities across the country.

If you actually care about black lives, there are countless other organizations you can support. Black Lives Matter is a Trojan horse, and nothing more.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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