JUST IN: Police detain man connected to priest beheading, reveal he’s from…

There’s been a paradox of generosity in Europe. Nations that have welcomed asylum seekers out of the goodness of their hearts are themselves now the most susceptible to Islamist attacks against their own citizens. There were four attacks in Germany last week alone, and it’s getting hard to keep track of the large-scale tragedies that keep playing out over and over again in France. Meanwhile, nations like Poland and Hungary, which have kept their borders closed off to migrants, have remained unaffected by the recent Islamist violence springing up around Europe.

The most recent attack in France was carried out by a 19-year-old ISIS-inspired Islamist and his accomplice, who beheaded an 86-year-old priest in front of his congregation. Back in 2015, the butcher attempted to join ISIS, was briefly jailed for terrorist offenses, and released in March of this year. Not only should he never have been released from prison, this whole ordeal could’ve possibly been avoided had the nation not taken in refugees, as we just learned the identity of a third man arrested in connection to the attack.

Reuters reported: French police have detained a Syrian asylum seeker in connection with the Normandy church attack, two sources said on Friday, as security services widened their investigation into the killing of an elderly priest at the altar by two would-be jihadists.

Three days after teenagers Adel Kermiche and Abdel-Malik Nabir Petitjean chanted in Arabic as they slit the throat of Father Jacques Hamel, investigators are probing their network of associates from the northern Normandy region to the alpine east.

A police source said the Syrian man was arrested near a refugee center in the rural Allier region of central France, where Petitjean lived for four years with his parents until 2012, according to French media. A copy of the Syrian’s passport was found at Kermiche’s family home, the police source said.

A judicial source confirmed a Syrian was being held in custody. Two other individuals with suspected ties to the attackers are also being interrogated by police, the source said. France is reeling from two strikes by assailants loyal to Islamic State in the space of 12 days. A Tunisian delivery man plowed his heavy goods truck through a crowd in Nice on Bastille Day killing 84 people.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton thinks we should take that 10,000 refugees Obama wants to take in — and increase that tally to 65,000 refugees. What could possibly go wrong?

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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