What CNN did ON CAMERA after Hillary’s speech says EVERYTHING…

If you still doubt the fairness of the moniker Clinton News Network, check this out:

Yep, media objectivity and journalism integrity at its finest, on full display.

As the American Mirror writes:

Cameras captured CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer and Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger drinking wine and dancing with delegates as “Sweet Caroline” played over the loud speakers at the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention.

CNN aired video of the two taking it all in: Blitzer with a glass of white wine in his hand, and Borger clapping and singing along.

It was the perfect image of the media and Democratic cabal.

To be fair, they could have been expressing the elation many of us felt that Hillary’s long and droning speech was finally over — say nothing about the week of mind-numbing DNC speeches we endured.

But given CNN’s constant focus on the “history” Hillary was making, hard to believe they weren’t just openly celebrated their chosen candidate. Perhaps the most #ShockingNotShocking part of it, is that they openly aired the footage of their key personalities toasting their gal. Just like Hillary Clinton can blatantly lie and be the Democrat presidential nominee, CNN can be open about its bias and still remain one of the top cable news networks.

Certainly, many shared that sentiment on Twitter:

Of course, we all remember how CNN and the others partied like it was 1999 after Trump’s acceptance speech — oh, wait.

Will the RNC learn its lesson from last election season — remember CNN’s Candy Crowley injecting herself into the 2012 debate between Obama and Romney — and refuse to let CNN moderate any debates this season?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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