Top Democrat levels RADICAL charge against Trump…

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has, once again, stolen the show this week. Taking the virtually unprecedented step of holding an hour-long press conference during the opposition party’s convention, for starters. And teeing up a little nugget to drive Democrats and their media completely insane — thereby essentially stealing the news cycle from the likes of former president Bill Clinton and soon-to-be-former president Barack Obama.

Here’s what Trump actually said, in case you were getting confused by all the media twisting:

Though many of us could see Trump’s comment as a joke — designed to rattle the left — the media has gone certifiably insane.

And Democrats themselves are stepping up to make some of the most hypocritical, tone-deaf statements ever — and, yes, that’s saying a lot.

Everyone’s favorite Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid today is calling for Trump to receive fake intelligence briefings because because “you can’t trust him” with classified information. Reid further suggests Trump “may have violated the law.”

Seriously, you can’t make this up.

Via Business Insider:

“What I’ve suggested to the CIA and I’ll suggest it here: I would hope they would give him fake intelligence briefings,” Reid said,according to Roll Call. “Because they shouldn’t give him anything that means anything because you can’t trust him.”

He added: “So, he could have intelligence briefings, but I hope they’re fake.”

Reid’s remarks came after the GOP nominee said Russia should find and release Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

Trump’s comments were immediately condemned by Democrats, and Hillary Clinton’s campaign went as far as to say he was encouraging political espionage against them.

Some Democrats are calling for an investigation — and possible prosecution — following the candidate’s remarks.

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign is suggesting Trump is “unfit” to be president because of this.

And perhaps the richest comment of them all, suggesting Trump violated some sort of moral code with his comments, as Newsmax reports:

“I don’t know if there is any legal argument or not that he is in violation of the law,” said Rep. Steve Israel of New York, a former chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, “But there certainly is a moral argument here. It is that no candidate for President should invite a foreign intelligence agency to spy on us.”

[Yes, clearly taking Trump’s comments out of context, by design.]

Of course, all of you reading this immediately see the ironic insanity of anyone who is backing Hillary Clinton suggesting Trump is the one who can’t be trusted with our nation’s classified information. It would be downright laughable if it weren’t such a serious matter. Hillary Clinton was proven by the FBI to have been “extremely careless” — and knowingly so — with our nation’s most classified information. The FBI appears to have only stopped short of recommending her indictment due to some backroom pressure (or deal) with the current Democrat administration. And yet made it clear that it would likely not authorize classified access for someone like Hillary Clinton based on her behavior.

Now, GOP nominee Trump makes a crack to draw attention to Hillary’s making available to the world her emails, including highly classified ones — by hosting them on an insecure server and meanwhile, unilaterally purging 30,000 of them — and suddenly, the Dems not only care about national security but have the audacity to suggest Trump is the problem?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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