Liberals LOSE IT over Trump Jr’s claim of Obama plagiarism

As Donald Trump joked, the media spent more time analyzing Melania’s speech after accusations of plagiarism than the FBI spent on Hillary’s emails.

Ironically, I got a kick out of watching everyone on Twitter plagiarize the same five jokes about Melania’s plagiarism. Of course, it wasn’t actually an act of plagiarism on her behalf, but rather her speechwriters. The Michelle Obama speech from which a few lines were lifted ad also faced claims of plagiarism when it was given back in 2008.

After President Obama’s speech last night, Donald Trump Jr. did some Twitter trolling, drawing attention to the fact that Obama used a line identical to one that appeared in his own speech at the RNC.

The Tweet was obviously tongue in cheek, as the phrase is common to hear in political speeches, but he was highlighting the difference in the extent to which the media will go to discredit conservatives for things they’d give liberals a free pass. Naturally, the liberal side of the Twitterverse decided to go ahead and refute a joke.

But really, there is a media double standard. The major broadcast networks devoted nearly an hour of coverage to plagiarism accusations against Melania according to the Media Research Center. Meanwhile, when Obama faced similar allegations back in 2008 for plagiarizing two lines from Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick on numerous occasions, ABC, CBS, and NBC only devoted 14 minutes towards the controversy.  In other words, the big networks devoted four times as much time to a presidential candidate’s wife than a presidential candidate himself.

Trump Jr. wasn’t seriously accusing Barack Obama of plagiarism – he was pointing out this exact kind of double standard.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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