After Obama’s speech, there’s one thing even Democrats are FREAKING over

The preeminent role and responsibility of the federal government is to “provide for the common defense,” meaning protect the American people and our interests. The one thing either political party should agree on is securing and defending America from threats within and without.

But after two days of the DNC convention, there are questions about the ability of the new American Socialist Party to fulfill that mission — and evidence suggests they are incapable. At last count, after the first two days and over 100 speakers, only two even mentioned ISIS or Islamic terrorism — which the progressive leftists prefer to define as “extremism” — they use the same with their political opposition. It’s one thing for someone like me to highlight this point…but what if this sentiment is spreading?

As reported by Politico, “Two days into their party’s convention, some national security-oriented Democrats are frustrated that they haven’t heard more about the threat of terrorism — a topic that dominated the Republican gathering in Cleveland last week.

On Monday and Tuesday night, Democratic speakers called for party unity, decried income inequality and celebrated Hillary Clinton’s life story. But they barely referenced the frightening battle against the Islamic State, which Donald Trump had made a centerpiece of his campaign.

The convention is headed in that direction Wednesday night, with a schedule that features survivors of the ISIS-inspired attack on Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, as well as relatives of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But former Democratic Rep. Jane Harman, who co-chairs an independent strategy group that advises Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on the domestic terror threat, described unrest among her colleagues about how little time has been devoted to the subject so far.

“One of [the group’s] topics is assessing the ISIL threat. Several members of the group have commented that it hasn’t come up yet in the convention,” Harman, a former House Intelligence Committee member who now heads the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., said Wednesday morning.”

As I write this, I’m sitting in Terminal A at Reagan National Airport awaiting my now delayed flight back home to Dallas. As a result, I didn’t get to see the speeches of Obama, Biden, and VP nominee Kaine. But, I can easily surmise that the inclusion of the Pulse nightclub victims and the Iraq/Afghanistan family members is more of a reaction and an afterthought…just like the American flags that suddenly appeared on the stage after day one of the DNC convention.

President Obama clearly articulated that the second worst Islamic terror attack in U.S. history — another historical moment for Obama — was the result of a lack of gun control. Never mind that Islamic jihadism and terrorism have exponentially increased in his tenure as president. As for Afghanistan, the Taliban now control more territory than ever since they were ousted back in 2001 — that happened on Obama’s watch as well.

And for Iraq, well, al-Qaida in Iraq had been defeated, their own intercepted communications admitted so. But ISIS is the regenerated and reconstituted savage 2.0 version of AQI – and that occurred because Obama did not heed the counsel of generals and maintain a residual force.

So now all of a sudden, in complete react mode, we are to believe that the party of compassion, unity, and love, along with empathy for the enemy, is supposed to articulate a national security strategy for defeating the global Islamic jihad?

Heck, Barack Obama won’t even declare the Muslim Brotherhood an Islamic terrorist organization…something Hillary Clinton refused to do with Boko Haram.

Yet, how many times in the first two days of the convention did we hear about “love?” Was that painful Paul Simon “Bridge over Troubled Water” supposed to be some strategy to engage ISIS?

Let’s stop the ridiculous kabuki dance and get real. The party currently holding its convention in Philadelphia cannot contend with the increasing chaos and violence in the world. As a matter of fact, they don’t even want to be told about it, as they commented about last week’s RNC convention — it was just too much doom and gloom. Well, my dear sweet darlings of the left, what do you call it when a Catholic priest in Normandy has his throat slit by Muslim savages at the altar while he’s conducting a service?

Doggone, we cannot even address a security concern with Muslim immigration in America…without being castigated with a denigrating term like Islamophobia…by the Islamist enablers and their accomplices, the leftist Islamapologists.

But a priest can be brutally murdered and videotaped and the chum gang in Philly — where the mayor wouldn’t even admit to an Islamic jihadist attack on a police officer — obfuscates, dismisses, denies, and lies about the existence of the enemy.

So now, former U.S. Congressman Jane Harman and other “national-security oriented Democrats” are worried. However, I must ask, is their worry sincere for the country, or just politically motivated because they fear losing the election?

A perusal of the DNC issues platform will evidence that this gathering of sheep doesn’t have a strategy for Islamic terrorism — or Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. What they do have a strategy for is giving free stuff and continuing the economic enslavement of America.

They do possess a strategy to make us “comfortably numb” and anesthetize our desire to strive, work hard, and pursue our own hopes, dreams, aspirations, and happiness. Instead they seek the means by which they can redistribute wealth in order to expand the welfare nanny-state and dependency society of the 21st century plantation.

The progressive socialist left seeks to forever maintain a mindless lemming electorate drugged up on the narcotics of free stuff resulting in a degraded America of worshippers and addicts just waiting for their next fix — largesse from the public crack house of the left. And that also includes the cronies of what was once a vibrant and thriving free market system — now dominated by the crack cocaine of artificially managed interest rates and printed money.

Fighting ISIS is not a priority for the new American Socialist Party. As a matter of fact, the progressive socialists and Islamo-fascists are very much alike in their philosophy of governance. Islam translated means submission — and the aim of the left is the same. One seeks submission to a 7th century ideology, the other to the growing big, statist government…neither respect the individual.

We can disagree on economic principles — even though Keynesian tax and spend theory is a failure — but we should all want to survive, to live, and the group assembled in Philadelphia has not the will, resolve or courage to protect our first inalienable right of life. Two hundred and forty years ago, men gathered in Philadelphia to fight for liberty against the tyranny of the British. How sad to see the cowards gathering in Philadelphia right now.


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