Just before she speaks, look what we CAUGHT media doing for Chelsea Clinton but not Ivanka Trump…

The daughters of both major presidential candidates are playing significant roles in this year’s election — starting in a big way with introducing their parents at their respective conventions.

Tonight, it’s Chelsea’s turn to introduce her mother before Hillary accepts the Democrat nomination for president.

As they emerge from the relative shadows into the spotlight, many are comparing and contrasting these two women, of similar age (and also apparently friends).

I’ll leave the comparing and contrasting of the women themselves to others. But as Chelsea prepares for her big moment in the spotlight, I couldn’t help but notice one — very telling — way in particular that the media are treating these two women dramatically differently. While the lamestream media has been relentless in their grilling of Ivanka about her father’s treatment of women, they haven’t touched the topic with Chelsea Clinton — essentially giving her a free pass.

As World Tribune writes, when it comes to Chelsea Clinton and her father Bill, it’s simply don’t ask, don’t tell.

The double standard was glaring obvious on July 27 when CBS ran an article online where Chelsea called on Ivanka to “ask her father about equal pay.”

While the media has declared Chelsea off limits, they have swarmed on Ivanka. She “has been grilled by CBS, criticized by the Atlantic and asked by many more outlets to defend her father,” Ashe Schow wrote for the Washington Examiner.

The Cosmopolitan may have come the closest to broaching the subject of Bill Clinton’s notorious treatment of women when it asked Chelsea: “Donald Trump has called your dad an abuser of women, and your mom his enabler. What do you think of his attacks on your parents?”

“The phrasing of the question allowed Cosmo to pretend they asked a tough question, while really allowing Chelsea to criticize Donald Trump. And that’s exactly what she did,” Schow wrote.

“The obvious reason behind this is that political journalists tend to be extremely liberal. They love Bill Clinton so much, they overlook the serious allegations against him (and his settlement with one of his accusers). So while Chelsea Clinton is allowed to attack Ivanka’s father without consequence, she herself is given a pass on her own father’s actions.

“Bill Clinton simply receives special treatment because he has a “D” next to his name. He continues to enjoy broad support from Democrats and is invited to speak at numerous high-profile events and paid lavish speaking fees. No other man accused of rape and sexual assault would be allowed anywhere near a Democratic event,” Schow wrote.

The accusations against Bill Clinton are unquestionably far more serious than those against Trump. In Trump’s case, the questions are aimed at Trump’s comments (and potential pay) of women, while in Clinton’s, they involve physical, sexual violence against women. Clinton’s alleged mistreatment of women is exacerbated by the fact that he did some of this, at least, while holding public office. Moreover — particularly relevant when it comes to this presidential election — his wife Hillary Clinton allegedly was her husband’s enabler and did her part to discredit women coming forth against Bill.

In fact, as The Daily Caller writes:

The media portray Bill Clinton as a lovable scamp, a good ol’ Southern boy who just liked to have sex in the back of his pickup. In fact, according to numerous independent accounts, he was a sexual abuser and, the overwhelming evidence shows, a violent rapist.

While we would normally extend our sympathy to his wife, Hillary has forfeited those claims by actively conspiring with him to cover up his sexual assaults and smear the victims, showing absolutely no compunction about destroying women whose stories she knew to be true.

Of course, all of this is made that much more sickening by Hillary and her minions’ narrative that we should support her because she is a woman, one who fights for women.

Hillary knew what her husband was doing and yet, over and over again, she helped him cover it up and destroy the women, portraying them as stalkers, blackmailers and loons. As one of Bill’s mistresses, former Miss Arkansas Sally Perdue, told the Daily Mail (U.K.), Hillary has a “vengeful, spiteful ugliness … And she’s championing women’s causes?”

Shame on the media who are enablers of this real violence against women themselves — perpetuating this narrative of Trump as a misogynist while giving the Clintons a pass.

Meanwhile, they will no doubt be gushing tonight about this woman who is “making history” as the first female nominee from a major U.S. party for president. This woman who will tear down and smear women who dare get in her way.

What pathetic excuses for journalism.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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