DNC has an “Interfaith Prayer Room” — there’s only ONE problem

The Democratic Party likes to put forth the notion they are “inclusive” and “tolerant” of people of all faiths and walks of life, however their actions seem to paint a totally different picture.

Liberals often slam those who are of the Christian faith, like suing bakers for refusing to make cakes for same-sex weddings, an act that would violate their sacred beliefs. To the leftist, this is just plain awful bigotry, an injustice that must be dealt with to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Strangely, this same zeal for “justice” and “equality” is nowhere to be found when it comes to holding the religion of Islam accountable for the centuries of bloodshed and current attacks carried out in this religion’s name.

Instead, as we know, liberals do everything possible to pander to the Muslim community.

Take for example what the DNC did at the convention in the “Interfaith Prayer Room.”

The Daily Caller reports, Convention goers looking to get in touch with the god of their choice can visit the “Interfaith Prayer Room” on the first floor of the Wells Fargo Center, which consists of a series of spaces sectioned off by curtains. A sign hangs over the first space, which is simply an empty room.
The second area has a few chairs and some prayer mats. A third large space is set up to accommodate Muslims, with a mat set up on the floor presumably facing Mecca and a sanitizing station so Muslims can wash before they pray.


A fourth space is another large empty room. Aside from Islam, no sign of any other religion was present.
The spaces were also devoid of praying people, with the exception of one woman wearing Birkenstocks and a Bernie Sanders T-shirt plopped on the floor next to some chairs, casually swiping through her iPhone.

The prayer room is flanked by a “quiet and recovery room,” also empty except for some chairs, and a space for nursing mothers (inexplicably occupied by two men when this reporter walked through).


So it wasn’t too much trouble to put down a prayer rug to face Mecca and provide a washing station for the Muslims, but Christians don’t even get a Bible or a cross of some sort?

Democrats have been trying super hard to appeal to the Islamic community as a means of bringing them into the party and making them lifelong leftist voters.

It’s why they bend over backwards to avoid offending this particular demographic, and it’s also why they want to flood the country with Syrian refugees.

It’s the exact same strategy they’ve used with illegal immigrants coming in from the southern border.

This should be another telling example of how the left plans to take on the issue of radical Islamic terrorism should they gain four more years in the White House.

In short, they won’t deal with it at all.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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