Rachel Maddow has three STUNNING words about Bill Clinton’s speech

In case you missed Bill Clinton’s ode to his wife Hillary last night at the DNC, here’s a little summary. He opened up by telling the story of how he met Hillary, how he was attracted by a sense of strength he felt from her, and that he followed her out of class intending to introduce himself. He didn’t manage that, but encountered her a number of other times. Eventually, Hillary did approach him, saying “look if you’re going to keep staring at me, and now I’m staring back, we at least ought to know each other’s names.”

Well it turns out, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow had a BIG problem with that intro.

Via Breitbart: In her commentary, Maddow began by giving the end of the speech an A+, but then said, “I think the beginning of the speech was a controversial way to start, honestly, talking about the girl, a girl, leading with this long story about him being attracted to an unnamed girl and thinking about whether he was starting something he couldn’t finish, building her whole political story, for the whole first half of the speech around her marriage to him. I think, unless there were worries that this is going to be too feminist a convention, that was not a feminist way to start. But the end of the speech was really good. I’ve got to say, the top of the speech I found shocking and rude.”

What a truly horrifying story…. only to Rachel Maddow. You can watch her reaction below:

Is Rachel Maddow completely insane? No – she’s just a liberal.

Yeah, this is what she found shocking at the DNC. Not the lack of American flags on the first day. Not that ISIS wasn’t mentioned a single time in all the speeches the first day of the convention. Not that they broke Federal law twice the second day by knowing allowing two adult illegal immigrants to speak. And not that Hillary Clinton hired Debbie Wasserman Schultz a day after she resigned from her position as chairperson of the DNC over ethics concerns.

It’s that he told an anecdote about meeting his wife. Who knew that admiring a woman was so anti-feminist?

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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