Turkey shuts down dozens of media organizations

Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan further expanded his dictatorial hold on his nation with a purge of the media today.

The Mirror reports, The increasingly authoritarian regime has purged the media, universities, schools, the police, judiciary and military of potential opponents.

The latest clampdown comes after it emerged Turkish troops imprisoned after the failed military coup are being raped, starved and left without water for days, it is claimed.

Many of the 10,000 detainees are locked up in horses’ stables and sports halls – some hogtied in horrific stress positions, according to human rights campaigners.

Today Anadolu Agency says the government has closed down dozens of media organizations, including 45 newspapers and 16 television stations.

Other reports say at least 30 journalists have been arrested as 3 news wires, 23 radio channels, 45 newspapers and 15 news magazines were shut down.

The government blames the failed uprising on a U.S.-based Muslim cleric who incited a faction within the military that led to some 290 deaths. Since the failed coup, thousands have been detained for suspected links to the uprising. Tens of thousands have also been purged from state institutions.

Al Jazeera reports that all military high schools have been shut down. A total of 8,651 soldiers took part in the failed coup attempt and 1,214 of these soldiers were “military students”, according to the Turkish military.

Since the attempted power grab on the night of July 15, 15,846 people, including soldiers, judges, prosecutors and civil service workers, have been detained and a total of 8,133 of the detained had been arrested, according to the latest interior ministry figures.

Turkey is still in a three-month state of emergency that essentially gives Erdogan dictatorial power to pass laws without the approval of parliament. Since the attempted coup, 15 universities, 934 other schools, 109 student dormitories, 19 unions and 35 medical institutions have all been shut down.

Even those who dare to say the coup was a hoax have been arrested.

bum chums

And just remember, this is the same man of whom Barack Hussein Obama said in 2012 was among his “trusted friends.”

So who changed since then? Or has no one?

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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