Forget bathrooms, we just found ANOTHER reason to boycott Target…

After all the transgender bathroom nonsense that’s been going down with Target, it’s highly unlikely you needed yet another reason to avoid the big chain retailer, but it seems they were eager to hand us all one nonetheless.

Apparently Target is selling a book for kids about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and you can rest assured it’s even more nauseating than you think.

Check it out:



It’s highly recommended that anyone who comes across this be carrying one of those air sickness bags because there’s a good chance you might lose your lunch.

One has to wonder whether the book includes the time she let a child molester off the hook? Or perhaps the millions she earned in speaking fees from all the Wall Street banks she’s so fond of attacking. Or maybe the time she lied about a terrorist attack that killed four Americans?

For whatever reason, it seems likely those events have been omitted from the story.


[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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