¡Ay, caramba! Look what happened to Trump’s HISPANIC support since the RNC

The RNC gave all Americans the opportunity to see Republicans speak for themselves – as opposed to hearing their ideas filtered through the liberal media.

Of course, reporting on the RNC gave us a reminder of the sharp divide between how the media and the American people think. See the post by Unbiased America (full disclosure: I am a contributor to UA) as an example.


As it turns out, most people like what Trump has to say when they actually get to see and hear him speak. And when many Hispanic voters watched the RNC, they saw firsthand that he doesn’t view them as a bunch of rapists and criminals like they’ve been told.

Since then, according to the left-of-center Latino USA, Trump’s Hispanic support jumped from 12% or 16% (a 33% increase), while Hillary’s has fallen from 81% to 77%. That may not sound like much, but in an election as close as this, an eight percentage point closing of any gap is worth celebrating.

Twitter personality Ricky Vaughn claims that the gap has closed by an even larger amount:


He’s citing the USC/Dornsife poll, which shows the following (I added a line on 7/18, the date the RNC started):


Trump’s Hispanic support increased from 24.4% the date the RNC began, to 35.8% yesterday. Meanwhile, Hillary’s Hispanic support fell from 56.7% to 51.9% over the same period.

And as we reported this morning, it wasn’t just Hispanics that Trump saw a boost from after the RNC…


It ain’t over until it’s over, but if there was anything to be learned from the Republican primary, it’s that when Trump gains momentum, he doesn’t lose it.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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