Piers Morgan shocks everyone, drops major TRUTH BOMB about Hillary…

Watching this election cycle, we’ve frequently marveled at just how much Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has struggled in her quest for the nomination — despite all the propping up she’s had by both the liberal media and, it turns out, the Democrat National Committee.

Now, ironically, it’s that very propping up that could end up being her ultimate downfall. As we’ve seen from the DNC underway in Philly this week, the confirmation of the DNC’s scale-tipping in favor of Hillary has inflamed Bernie Sanders like never before — some, perhaps, irretrievably so.

And in a sign of just how damaging the whole DNC email leak may be to Hillary herself, outspoken liberal TV personality Piers Morgan appears to have pulled his head out of the sand to issue a warning to Democrats who might be planning to support Hillary Clinton for president. In an op-ed published today, Morgan poses one question that ought to get even the most mind-numbed liberal to think twice:

“If Hillary’s dastardly DNC disciples will do this to one of their own like Bernie Sanders, what the hell will they do to everyone else?”

And there’s more, via BizPacReview:

In the wake of the WikiLeaks release of 20,000 insider emails that prove the Democrat National Committee was perfectly willing to override the will of the people to get their anointed queen to the nomination, Morgan like many others, are waking up.

In a Daily Mail op-ed published on Wednesday, Morgan began:

The narrative of this presidential race has been set in stone for several years: Hillary Clinton WILL be the next President of the United States.

This has been the widely held, inherently understood belief amongst all the ‘smart’ political, media and celebrity elite in Washington, New York and Hollywood.

Of course, the revelations found in the leaked emails, which are rife with politically incorrect (if not downright racist) remarks, condescending rhetoric, and a deliberate collusion between Democrat elites and the mainstream media is nothing that surprised any half-awake Republican.

But, reality is hitting hard for many who have to reluctantly drag their heads out of the sand, and Morgan sounds as if he’s one of them.

As Trump moves ahead of Hillary in the polls for the first time, enjoying the traditional post-convention bounce, I am smelling a similar dramatic upset at the general election in November and if my nostrils are correct, then Hillary will have only herself to blame.

The shocking sense of entitlement that pervades from every pore of this Democrat nominee and her supporters is almost overwhelming.

Nowhere has this been more lamentably confirmed than in the sudden avalanche of 20,000 emails revealed by Wikileaks late last week, which laid bare a distinctly unpleasant Clinton-ite underbelly to the Democrats.

“Shocking sense of entitlement that pervades from every pore” of Hillary Clinton and her supporters… I may never utter these words again, but I have to say: Piers Morgan nailed it there.

And he wasn’t done:

I wrote a year ago that I didn’t think Hillary Clinton would survive the private email server scandal which engulfed her campaign.

It all looked too dodgy, and her wide-eyed protestations of technological innocence too absurdly implausible for a woman whose husband was President for eight years.

It also confirmed to many Americans what they’ve long suspected: that Hillary’s a political Pinocchio.

In the end, she did survive it, by the skin of her teeth.

But FBI director James Comey condemned her as ‘extremely careless’ in an extraordinarily detailed tongue-lashing; a withering verdict which Donald Trump will surely use again and again during the ‘trust’ debate which will rage until November.

Now, thanks to devious Debbie and her blindly cynical and diabolically partisan Clinton-ite wastrels, he has yet more ammunition to hurl her way.

‘The system’s rigged,’ has been Trump’s argument for a while now.

After this latest shocking email trove, does anyone really doubt he’s right?

In his chilling final thoughts, Morgan wrote, “And if Hillary’s dastardly DNC disciples will do this to one of their own like Bernie Sanders, what the hell will they do to everyone else?”

Excellent question, Piers. And one that I suggest we all pose to everyone we know who still believes Hillary Clinton is a “safer,” more “selfless” choice than Donald Trump.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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