Look which FEDERAL LAW Dems broke last night

Who would’ve guessed, those opposed to enforcing our immigration laws on the books don’t know much about them?

Back in June we reported on one high school graduate’s viral Tweet about being in the country illegally, and going to college on the taxpayer’s dime. It’s certainly a sign of the times when you can openly brag about your “undocumented” status and not expect any consequences. And why would they with someone as weak on immigration as Barack Obama in the Oval Office? Heck – Hillary Clinton’s VP choice Tim Kaine promised amnesty within the first 100 days of her presidency, so it’s clear where the Party stands on the issue.

It’s not just illegal aliens getting away with breaking federal law – the Democrats themselves got away with breaking federal law last night at the DNC – twice! HotAir has the scoop:

There was a lengthy list of speakers at the DNC yesterday, each offering up red meat to the progressive base and pleas for unity with the disaffected supporters of Bernie Sanders, but one individual is receiving attention for precisely the wrong reasons. Well before the headliners took the stage, the convention was addressed by Francisca Ortiz and her daughter Karla. She was addressing the subject of immigration – always a winner at Democratic gatherings – but Francisca comes to the subject from a background of specific expertise. She’s currently in the country illegally and is ignoring a standing deportation order. (In case Donna Brazil hasn’t heard, that’s still against the law.)

At Liberty Unyielding, J.E. Dyer highlights some of her background: With the Democrats having put the first day of their national convention to bed, Dennis Michael Lynch notes that they’ve racked up two violations of Section 8 U.S. Code 1324.

What did they do to accomplish that? They knowingly hosted two adult illegal aliens as featured speakers at the convention.

One is a woman named Francisca, who appeared at the speaker’s podium with her young daughter Karla. Francisca is currently ignoring a deportation order from the U.S. Government. Francisca and Karla are likely to be the pair featured in this June 2016 article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The other is a young woman named Astrid Silva, who came to the U.S. illegally at the age of 4. Now in her mid-20s, Silva has been working on a bachelor’s degree at Nevada State College.

The DNC is its own little sanctuary city. Laws simply don’t apply to the left. They have illegals and moms of thugs on their stage and call it diversity…but no families of slain officers.

Great job guys. DNC day one in review: not a single mention of ISIS, not a single American flag visible, and two people who broke federal law were given a platform. It would’ve been three, but Hillary Clinton didn’t speak yesterday.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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