Leaked emails reveal what Dems REALLY think about Hispanics

Democrats like to pride themselves on being the party of “equality” and “inclusivity,” constantly badgering conservatives and common sense Americans who believe in legal immigration as being insensitive and racist, a loaded term that has been so overused it’s really lost its meaning in modern culture.

Well, it turns out, folks in the DNC might be the ones who are in need of a cultural sensitivity class after what was discovered in the batch of emails leaked over the weekend that is causing the Democratic Party to collapse in on itself.

Check out what Dems had to say about Latino voters.

Via Twitchy:

Apparently, if the Democrats “own the Hispanic loyalty,” they think it will guarantee them the loyalty of Hispanic voters forever.

Here’s how Twitter responded to the Democrats’ “story telling” plan:



Oh and by the way, Breitbart reports, A staff member at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) referred to Latino voters with the term “taco bowl outreach” in a May 6 email released by Wikileaks.

If Trump’s campaign had been busted with this sort of information in an email, you can guarantee the left would’ve wasted absolutely no time jumping all over the opportunity to roast the real estate mogul alive.

It’s just more evidence of the hypocrisy inherent in liberal ideology, proving they don’t truly care about equality, but see race as an opportunity to use people to further their own twisted agenda.

The question to ask now is whether or not those on the left will accept the reality of their party’s corruption and begin to be a little more open minded to the ideals presented by conservatives, possibly switching sides to do what’s best for America.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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