Folks, Here’s what’s NOT in the DNC Wikileaks; very disturbing..

As you know, this week is the DNC convention in Philadelphia, which is a tad bit ironic if you ask me.

The new American Socialist Party is meeting in the birthplace of our Constitutional Republic — you know, the nation which needs to be fundamentally transformed. In other words, as emanating from the mouth of one President Barack Obama, our Constitution is no longer viable.

And based on the actions of President Obama, who has a pen and a phone, we are now more of a Constitutional monarchy than a Republic. The onerous and incessant use of executive orders in lieu of legislation means we are now a country being ruled, not governed. And to those who seem to believe the legislative branch exists only to do what the executive branch demands — well, they need a serious lesson in civics.

Now we know, based on the DNC emails leaked, that the Party is corrupt and manipulative. But that’s not even the worst part.

The fact that the Democrat Party will nominate someone as president who is the antithesis of the citizen servants who met in Philadelphia those 240 years ago is the most disturbing fact.

Sadly, regarding the mindless lemmings who believe Hillary Clinton is above the law, just get over it, “at this point, what difference does it make,” I tend to believe our Founding Fathers would be none too pleased this group will meet in the city that birthed the greatest nation the world has ever known.

A city where men of high principle met and produced two of the greatest political documents ever known to man — the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. I think all you need to know about the character of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine can be evidenced in their campaign logo — her initial and no colors that represent our America. The branding isn’t of someone who will seek to serve…but rather BE served.

And just as a side note. Y’all do know Senator Tim Kaine speaks Spanish, fluently, right? Well if you didn’t know, doggone the left liberal media told us so many times I started speaking Spanish in MY home.

I had a funny thought, hearing the media laud Kaine speaking Spanish reminded me of that scene from the movie Airplane where Barbara Billingsley’s character came forward and confessed that she “spoke jive.” Of course today that wouldn’t be politically correct, probably castigated as racist and a boycott of the movie would be demanded — of course by those associated with the Democrat Party.

I find it interesting that the DNC has disinvited its own chairman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, from the convention. Now, the question I have is, will the left go 24/7 apoplectic over this like they did with the Melania Trump speech?

Nah, of course not, but imagine if the day prior to the convention in Cleveland if RNC Chairman Reince Priebus had been told, you can’t go on stage, after there were tens of thousands of emails released. Yeah, you get my point — and I wonder how much will be made of the presence and impact of the Democrat super delegates? Yes, there’s confusion but you can bet the liberal media isn’t going to present that…but we will here!

So, what will be the theme of the DNC convention? Last week it was “Make America Great Again”…with subset themes of making America safe, work, prosperous. Don’t expect this week’s convention to talk about making our nation safe – after all, they have the mother of Michael Brown speaking.

Now here’s a woman whose son assaulted a store owner, stole goods from the same store, and attempted to take a firearm from a law enforcement officer — that isn’t exactly how we celebrate making America safe, is it?

The DNC will be all about redistribution of wealth, since they don’t believe anyone who has secured a financially stable life did it on their own merit. Therefore it is not theirs to have, it belongs to everybody…a socialist theme. And as I often remind you, Vladimir Lenin said the ultimate goal of socialism is communism. So, expect to hear plenty this week about the one-percent — not the cultural, entertainment, political and media elites of course — just the dumb schmucks out there busting their tails to build businesses and employ Americans.

You know, that one percent that already pays nearly 40 percent of all federal taxes…those are the real bad people, the ones causing us so much fiscal hardship. Yeah, right. That will be the message of this week, not one of accepting responsibility by a president who failed this nation.

The message will be that we need more money from a specific group in order to make our vision work. And what’s that vision? It’s certainly not the previous “yes we can.” It’s a vision of “no you can’t.” It’s a vision that expressly states, no one can achieve anything unless it’s given by government — by the progressive socialists.

Thomas Jefferson wrote of our individual inalienable rights, endowed by our Creator, of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The folks gathering in Philadelphia reject that notion — hence the irony of them meeting there. Instead they believe they control your life, dictate your liberty, and guarantee your happiness.

There can be no philosophy of governance or ideology more antithetical to our founding, our foundation, yet, our nation MUST be fundamentally transformed — so perhaps that’s why the new American socialist party is meeting in Philadelphia.

They’re on the verge of rewriting our history, and setting us on a new and very different path. Perhaps this will represent their new moment, and our Founding Fathers will be cast upon the ash heap, placed on the funeral pyre by Hillary Clinton, who represents the most corrupt individual to ever run for president…but hey, we need a “historical moment” — even thought the last one certainly hasn’t worked out well.

Yes, the theme for this week will indeed be the “Party of the Participation Trophy.” It will be all about the little trinkets Hillary Clinton and her ilk can give you…not what they’ll enable you to earn, because you’re not capable by your own effort and volition to succeed.

Your success is determined by the new politburo…the same ones who say Hillary Clinton isn’t guilty of anything. Tell that to a young Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, or Marine who improperly handles classified information. So line up and get your $15 minimum wage and put your little plastic trophy up on the mantle. Or maybe you can redeem that trinket at the local unicorns and rainbow candy store for a lollipop.

In closing, one of my favorite bands growing up during college through the 90s was Athens, Georgia’s own B52s. My daughters took my B52 greatest hits CD because they love them too. So I want to dedicate one of my favorite B52 songs to the DNC Convention…”The Deadbeat Club.” The intro line tells the story: “Huh, get a job, what for, I’m trying to think…”

I know many of you will NOT be watching the DNC convention, so I, and all of us here at, will be taking it for the team.


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