BREAKING: 19 DEAD, 45 injured in KNIFE attack at assisted living facility…

We are hearing tragic reports out of Japan today.

As the The Washington Times reports:

A murderous rampage by a knife-wielding attacker in Japan has resulted in at least 19 deaths and left 45 more injured, according to Japanese news outlets.

The rampage took place at a facility for handicapped people early Tuesday morning in Sagamihara, according to the English-language service of NHK, Japan’s leading public broadcast network.

The suspect escaped the facility but reportedly turned himself in to police later.

There was no immediate indication of motive, but Japanese news outlets said the suspect was a young male who had worked at the hospital before.

It’s believed this is the deadliest domestic attack in Japan since the 1938 Tsuyama massacre which left 31 dead.

At this point, there is no word yet on motive, though the report that the suspect was a former employee might ultimately provide some clues.

What is uniquely tragic about this incident, besides the fact that we don’t hear about this type of rampage out of Japan often, is that this attack appeared to target some of society’s most vulnerable individuals in the disabled.

Whatever the case, this is a tragic, tragic reminder that an individual with a will to harm will do so — regardless of the tools at his or her disposal.

Prayers for the victims, their families and the community.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]

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