Can you spot why liberals think these two things are the SAME?

It’s another scorching day over here in my home state, and little did I know that by turning up the air conditioner, I was no better than an Islamic terrorist.

Obviously I’m joking, since equating the act of turning on air conditioning and Islamic terrorism would be absurd. Only a fool would do so, or, as the Washington Free Beacon reports, our own secretary of state, John Kerry:

Secretary of State John Kerry said in Vienna on Friday that air conditioners and refrigerators are as big of a threat to life as the threat of terrorism posed by groups like the Islamic State.

The Washington Examiner reported that Kerry was in Vienna to amend the 1987 Montreal Protocol that would phase out hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, from basic household and commercial appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and inhalers.

“As we were working together on the challenge of [ISIS] and terrorism,” Kerry said. “It’s hard for some people to grasp it, but what we–you–are doing here right now is of equal importance because it has the ability to literally save life on the planet itself.”

By John Kerry’s logic, it looks like we already have one terrorist serving as a senior advisor to the president:

But some would say they already knew that…

In response to Kerry’s statement, a petition has sprung up to ban air conditioning from all U.S. State Department facilities. Personally, I’d like to see him lead by example before the rest of us have to change.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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