Since no one else has the “STONES” to ask Hillary’s VP this, I will…

So, Hillary Clinton has chosen former DNC Chairman, Virginia Governor, and Senator Tim Kaine as her VP, running mate.

Funny, it looks like the Clintons run the state of Virginia as current Governor Terry McAuliffe, another corrupt politician, was also the DNC Chairman, and will probably be senator.

But, there’s only one question that needs to be asked of Senator Kaine, and since no one else has the “stones” to do so, I will.

Senator Kaine, regarding your acceptance as Hillary Clinton’s running mate, does this mean you are cool with abandoning Americans to die in a combat zone and lying about it?

It’s a simple inquiry requiring a yes or no response.

And there are men and women in uniform and their families who deserve your answer — just askin’ bro.

But you must know, your refusal to answer is quite telling, Timmy boy.

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