SHOCK: First words out of Hillary VP’s mouth are in Spanish

Today Hillary Clinton and her VP pick, Tim Kaine were stumping together in Miami, Florida. It was their “coming out party,” if you will.

Senator Kaine began his comments with “Hey guys, thank you. Hello Miami. Hello FIU.”

But the first substantive comment out of his mouth after being introduced by Hillary Clinton as her vice presidential running mate was in Spanish.

Y bienvenidos a todos.”Bienvenidos a todos en nuestro país, ¿verdad? Porque somos americanos todos.”

In other words, welcome everyone. Welcome everyone to our country, right? Because we are all Americans.

Now granted, he was in Miami and we know at least 60 percent of the population of in Miami-Dade country speaks Spanish, but still…

It is somewhat disconcerting to live in the United States of America and realize more and more we are becoming the Divided States of America – divided by ethnicity, language – even gender preference.

Once upon a time, we were united by common goals and aspirations, by a common language and a common faith in God. But now, the Democrat Party – or as Col. West likes to call it, the New American Socialist Party – strives to unite us only in victimhood and grievance.

CNN reports, Speaking at Florida International University, a campus that is more than half Hispanic, Kaine described his vision for an inclusive country. Dipping in and out in Spanish several times, he drew on his experiences as mayor, governor and the time he spent helping Jesuit missionaries in Honduras to emphasize the importance of service.

“Do you want a trash-talking president or a bridge-building president? Donald Trump trash-talks folks with disabilities. Trash-talks Mexican-Americans and Latinos,” Kaine said. “With Donald Trump, it’s me first!”

Then, riffing with the crowd, he added: “You’re right, he doesn’t trash-talk everybody — he likes Vladimir Putin.”

Clinton introduced Kaine as someone who has shown a “lifelong commitment to social justice.”

Oh, here we go.

“Sen. Tim Kaine is everything Donald Trump and Mike Pence are not,” Clinton said.

Yay. That’s a relief.

“He is qualified to step into this job and lead on Day 1. And he is a progressive who likes to get things done.”

A progressive. Great. And by the way Mrs. Clinton also said in her opening remarks that her campaign is “hiring organizers in Florida.” So you know what that means. Vote early and often.

To conservatives, it seems astonishing that someone with Hillary Clinton’s corrupt, illegal, and untrustworthy history could ever be seriously considered as a candidate for commander in chief, let alone be supported for it. It simply boggles the mind, and even that notwithstanding, why on Earth would anyone want more of the same progressive policy disasters we’ve been forced to endure for the last nearly 8 years?

But apparently people do.

We can only pray it’s not enough to put her in the White House.

[Note: This article was written in English by Michele Hickford]


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