After Munich, I have ONE question for all the limp leftists

The biggest criticism from the left after Donald Trump’s presidential nomination acceptance speech was that it was dark and gloomy. It’s as if the progressive socialists of the left were saying, “Hey, you, get off of my cloud.”

Apparently limp leftists don’t want to be bothered nor awakened from their dream about the land of unicorns and rainbows. As a matter of fact, Trump’s speech was so very effective it drew President Obama out like a whining child to complain, and once again, tell us the world is about sunshine and chirping birds.

However, once again, we were reminded of the reality of the world the apologist in chief believes is tranquil.

As you know by now, a 17-year-old lone gunman of German-Iranian descent opened fire on a Munich shopping mall yesterday killing nine and injuring ten more. The city was in lockdown as police searched for other possible shooters. The attack took place on the fifth anniversary of the mass shooting in Norway by Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people.

This is also the same place where in 1972 the Israeli Olympic athletes were kidnapped and eventually killed. This follows a terrorist attack by an axe-wielding jihadist on a train in Germany just three days ago. And we know ten people were arrested as part of an Islamic jihadist planning cell in Brazil.

Yes, there are many who REALLY want this to be a right-wing assault by a crazed individual honoring Anders Breivik. However, at this time, the modus operandi does not exactly lend itself to that conclusion.

Regardless, what we must understand is that we cannot have more elected officials who seek to obfuscate, deny, and lie about the existence of an enemy, and its nature, and its demonic, savage, and barbaric objectives. Sadly, Obama cannot fall back upon the tired excuse of gun control — Germany has some very stringent gun control laws. I guess John Kerry is warming up James Taylor for another rendition of “You’ve got a Friend.” Loretta Lynch, our U.S. Attorney General, believes this is all about compassion, unity, and love.

And Hillary Clinton has joined in that we need to empathize with our enemies…tell that to the victims from Nice last week…tell that to the victims from Orlando.

What I find very interesting is that a year ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was named by Time Magazine as 2015 “Person of the Year.”

I would tend to believe Merkel’s reputation has greatly changed since she decided to allow the Trojan Horse of islamic Al Hijra (migration) to invade Deutschland. Perhaps, much like Obama, Merkel harbors an animus towards the liberties and freedoms of Western civilization. After all, Merkel did spend her formative years in the German Democratic Republic (DDR) — East Germany.

Merkel was referred to in the Time Magazine article as “Chancellor of the Free World” — that moniker is hardly fitting. I believe if you were to ask any of the women violently assaulted by single, military-aged Muslim males in Cologne they wouldn’t see her as a champion of freedom, but rather an enabler of a true “war on women” within her own country.

Europe as a secure, civilized society is crumbling, thanks to feckless elected officials — one cannot refer to them as leaders – who’d rather play games of political correctness. No one is taking this on, no one is looking at this enemy eye-to-eye and saying this must end and you must die…and we shall deliver that verdict.

No more talking and rhetoric about finding those guilty and bringing them to justice. The only justice is a little red dot, center sector of the chest or head –followed by a double tap to ensure death. Now, folks like Van Jones may see that as harsh and resembling a “Road Warrior” movie — but it’s about our civilizational survival.

The question I want to ask is, do you want to survive?

Next week is the new American Socialist Party convention. They have proven incapable, ineffective, and incompetent when defeating this scourge we know as Islamic terrorism. And yes, it is imperative to define the enemy — which the left is very adept at doing with their political adversaries. Perhaps there’s truly a sympathy by progressive socialists for Islamo-fascists?

The world today is not sunshine, unicorns, and rainbows. And admitting to that reality should not be something to criticize but rather accept, or else the reality of your enemy WILL become yours when it is too late.

The convention next week will not be about reality; it will follow the mantra of hope and change. And people will continue to die in shopping malls, airports, night clubs, at Christmas parties, newspaper headquarters, at marathon races, and a host of various other places…because the progressive socialist left finds more comfort in obfuscation, denial, and lying. It all comes down to their feeling good…but you dying.

And nothing pleases the enemy more than sheep leading lions.


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