UNREAL: Obama has STUNNING response to Trump’s speech…

One of the many things we’ve learned to count on with President Barack Obama is that he gets most of his information by watching TV. This is especially true if it’s involving a scandal in his own administration — such as Hillary Clinton using a personal email address to conduct government business; the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal; the Veterans Affairs “waiting list” scandal; and the list goes on.

So some of us were surprised to hear the president’s claim today in the wake of the Republican National Convention that just wrapped up last night.

If you just laughed out loud, you weren’t alone. Twitter was quick to react:
Response to Obama RNC comment

Of course, we couldn’t really expect the arrogant narcissist Obama — who already has made it abundantly clear how much Donald J. Trump has really gotten under his skin — to ADMIT he watched the RNC, and in particular, Trump himself.

Of course, that didn’t stop the president from using his bully pulpit to try to debunk some of the messages from the past week’s convention in Cleveland — many of which pointed squarely at our dear leader himself:

As Col. West himself observes of the situation:

The ol’ folks down South have a saying that is appropriate for the impromptu press conference given by President Obama earlier today. It goes like this, “A hit dog will holler.” The fact that Barack Obama is out today reacting to Donald Trump’s speech last night is a major indicator and victory. Trump has become the first GOP presidential candidate in recent history to put the progressive socialists of the left on defense.

Last night, on the grand stage he commanded, he clearly articulated the contrast and identified Obama’s — and therefore Hillary Clinton’s — failures, shortcomings, and incompetence. And now, the hit dog is hollering away. Trump defined Obama and Hillary, which is normally something the left — aided by their media accomplices — does.

So, way to go Donald Trump, you hit those two dogs, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and now they are screaming loud. And sad, Obama and his damaged ego just could not allow Trump to dominate the media cycle — how utterly petulant, and quite telling.

And, as we are now watching, it appears the jihadists may have just come out in Germany to add an extra punctuation point to Donald Trump’s remarks last night.

Gee, wonder what Angela Merkel has to say about that…

We are expecting Obama to speak again shortly in response to the attacks in Munich. One can only imagine he will try to blame not just guns, but somehow Trump as well…


In an astonishing turn, President Obama waited to declare blame in the Munich shootings:

Of course, in true form, he did turn the attention to himself and his own anxiety about sending his daughter off to college. Way to make it about himself when at least five people have just been killed in Munich as part of what appears to be yet another terrorist attack.


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