JUST IN: Eyewitnesses report Munich gunman shouted THIS during attack…

In the wake of the latest horrific attack in Germany — which apparently targeted children and has left at least eight people dead and more injured — we are all anxious to understand who was behind this and why.

As the gunmen — there are believed to be three, as of the latest available reports — are still on the run (though one may now be dead), it is too early to know with any certainty who they are. Indeed, there are conflicting reports suggesting on one hand that today’s attack may be ISIS-inspired, while on the other that it may be “neo-Nazis.”

Emerging reports of what the gunmen may have said as they opened fire are also conflicting.

Evidence of just how dramatic the conflicting reports are in this incident:

All of this is not only very confusing, but it can’t help but raise one’s suspicions of intentional narrative-pushing at play. One could easily imagine the German authorities desperately trying to point to anything but Islamic terror enabled by its lax refugee policy.

Which is exactly why we will be watching the whole situation very closely to bring you the details as we learn them.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]

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