CHILLING: Video shows Munich shooter as he opens fire, raises BIG question

A new video has emerged showing the chilling moment a gunman opened fire in Munich outside a McDonald’s restaurant.

Warning: Some may find this disturbing.

TheBlaze is reporting, The gunman appears to fire at least 17 rounds before the video ends. Watch the footage below:

A manhunt was underway Friday for the shooter or shooters who opened fire at the Munich shopping mall, killing at least six people and wounding others, police and media reports said.

Munich police described the attack as “suspected terrorism” on Friday. The city transit system shut down and police asked people to stay inside their homes and otherwise avoid public places.

“At the moment no culprit has been arrested,” police in the Bavarian capital said on social media. “The search is taking place at high speed.”

Here’s one of the first clear images of the suspected gunman available at this time:

At the time this is being written, there haven’t been any confirmed connections with radical Islam, but nonetheless, this is a horrific incident that continues a pattern of violence in Europe that is unprecedented.

In addition to questions about who is this gunman, the footage itself has raised a few really good questions, like who was filming this McDonald’s and why, considering the suspect had not yet opened fire. Was this person an accomplice or were they filming something else and noticed this man acting suspicious? One has to wonder why someone just happened to be filming the restaurant at exactly this time, because in all honesty, it almost seems too convenient to be a coincidence.

Regardless, it’s become more and more critical for nations around the world to finally acknowledge that disarming law-abiding citizens creates “soft targets” where this kind of horror show — unmitigated attacks against unarmed citizens — can take place.

Thoughts and prayers continue to go to the victims of this tragedy, their families and the people of Germany.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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