WHOA: Just hours after being BOOED off RNC stage, look what Cruz is doing today

Last night, the curtain was ripped away on the business of politics. We watched Ted Cruz metaphorically fall on his sword as he refused to publicly endorse Donald Trump for president. As we reported earlier, his reason for doing so was because he simply could not bury the hatchet after Trump had insulted his wife and father.

It may just be that Donald Trump knew full well what would happen and let Cruz take the hatchet to destroy his political future.

But Cruz obviously doesn’t see it that way, because today he was out fundraising off the speech.

Breitbart reports, “Despite negative backlash from Chris Christie, Roger Stone, and many others, Cruz is trying to raise money off the controversy.

Cruz blasted out an email asking for people to chip in between $5 and $50 to his 2018 Senate campaign. Referring to his convention speech, he wrote:

It was an honor to speak to the delegates at the Republican National Convention.

As our cause goes forward, I want to remind you about the stakes.

Americans are furious—rightly so—at a political establishment that cynically breaks its promises and ignores the will of the people.

But there is a better vision for our future: a return to freedom.

If we choose freedom, our future will be brighter.

Of course it’s difficult to not see the irony in this message about “cynically breaking promises and ignoring the will of the people” when the people duly elected Donald Trump to be the Republican candidate for president and Cruz once promised to support that GOP candidate – a promise he has now cynically broken.

But at least we can agree with Senator Cruz on this: Americans ARE furious.

And we now see how politics works in all its repulsive glory.

[Note: This article was written cynically by Michele Hickford]


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