I have a PERSONAL message for Ted Cruz…

Greetings everyone from the parking lot of Nextep Corporate headquarters here in Norman, Oklahoma. I just pulled in after a nice morning drive up from Dallas. I’ll be giving a luncheon speech on policies affecting small and medium size businesses, but you can bet they’ll want to talk about the RNC convention.

Last night the West family was able to watch the Ted Cruz, Eric Trump and Newt Gingrich speeches in person and that was all we needed to see.

Sadly today not many outlets are discussing the VP nomination speech of Gov. Mike Pence. Now, I will specifically say, this is why I hate the circular firing squad where wives and family members are attacked. The contest needs to be about principle and a policy vision to restore this Republic, not stupid small-ball ego stuff.

Let me clearly state, if Senator Ted Cruz was still angry with Donald Trump, I believe he should have stayed home and not accepted the speaking role. My assessment is that Sen. Cruz and Gov. John Kasich’s actions have done more to solidify the support of Donald Trump than anything else. The perceived “classless” behavior of these two individuals does more to bolster the GOP nominee. And I will be brutally honest: Cruz and Kasich have damaged themselves politically.

But, the onus is upon Trump this evening. We all know why we should not have Hillary Clinton, a despicable corrupt pathological liar and political elitist, as our president.

Doggone, we’ve suffered under the same deplorable lack of character for the past seven-and-a-half years. Donald Trump must convince this nation why he should receive our electoral patronage. He must address what we must vote FOR, not just against. I admit, the narrative of this convention has been overshadowed by the sideshow distractions. Trump needs to bring it back on point, focused and disciplined.

As the new American Socialist Party has announced Thug Life Michael Brown’s mother will speak at their convention, Trump needs to deliver a message of economic growth, opportunity, and promise for all Americans—natural-born and naturalized, and those here legally. He needs to speak to the better angels of our nature as Americans and not the typical bovine excrement message of the progressive socialist left — victims, pandering, economic enslavement, and participation trophies.

Trump’s message tonight on the stage where the entire media world will be watching, must be about economic empowerment and challenge us to be victors, champions in our own lives, just as Cleveland celebrates their NBA Champion Cavaliers–we all should strive to be in the one percent. That’s what it means to be a champion, an American.

Oh, and if you weren’t not paying attention, an Islamic terrorist cell who pledged their allegiance to ISIS was arrested in Brazil. I guess they have a gun control problem there too, huh Barack?

By the way, I suppose y’all heard about the computer systems crash at Southwest Airlines yesterday. Well, the West family was caught up in that departing Cleveland. We finally landed in Dallas at 1am. However, let me tell ya, the Southwest Airlines airport staff in Cleveland and Nashville took the lemons and did their absolute best to make lemonade. I want to express my sincere appreciation for their hard work because folks, they had to go “old school” and do everything by hand. I think it was good practice for them to revert back, and other airlines should war game how they’d handle such a systems crash.


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