BOOM: Gay RNC speaker gets standing ovation with these 7 words…

One of the more unexpected names on the Republican National Convention speaker roster was that of Peter Thiel — venture capitalist, entrepreneur  openly gay man. The co-founder of PayPal and first outside investor and director at Facebook is one of the most influential names in Silicon Valley — and one of the few who dares to be openly not a liberal in one of the most liberal areas of the world.

Speaking in Cleveland tonight, Thiel rocked the house, speaking out against broken government and government incompetence — including that from everyone’s favorite former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

He and fake culture wars that prevent and distract our nation from greatness. About the current bathroom controversy distraction, “Who cares?”

While his previous comments were all warmly and enthusiastically received, it was his proclamation of pride that got the convention hall to its feet, earning Thiel a standing ovation.

“Most of all, I am proud to be an American. YES! Those 7 words. We may all have various identities and affiliations — gay, straight; Republican, Democrat; black, white, etc — but can’t we all unite around our pride as Americans first and foremost? And come together to solve the real issues our nation faces and make our nation great again?



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