What Saudi Arabia just issued a “fatwa” against is ABSURD

In Saudi Arabia — a literal Islamic state — you can’t drink alcohol, go to a movie theater, eat bacon, worship a religion other than Islam, see a woman at most jobs, mix socially with the opposite sex in public, or even see a woman’s face.

If that wasn’t bad enough, now you can’t even enjoy the Pokemon Go craze. The New York Post reports:

Catch Squirtle at your own risk — at least in Saudi Arabia. The kingdom renewed its 2001 fatwa against the cute cartoon creatures on Wednesday, saying the viral cellphone game Pokémon Go is a form of gambling, and therefore forbidden under Islamic law.

The fatwa cited a number of ways in which the game goes against Islamic law, including “polytheism against God by multiplying the number of deities, and gambling, which God has forbidden in the Koran and likened to wine and idols.”

Pokémon Go is not officially available in Saudi Arabia, but many in the country are believed to have figured out how to download the app, according to reports. Three Saudi men in their mid-20s were recently arrested while playing Pokémon Go at an airport in the kingdom, a Saudi online newspaper reported.

Well, there’s yet another consequence of Islam you might not have previously considered.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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