JUST IN: Melania speechwriter RESIGNS; Trump has AWESOME response

Punctuating the controversy that’s taken hold of the headlines and social media for the better part of two days, a Trump campaign speechwriter has just come forward to take responsibility for Melania Trump’s speech to the Republican National Convention Tuesday evening. She has just issued a statement in which she both apologizes and notes that the GOP nominee has rejected her resignation — instead offering a surprising response.

Via Fox News:

Trump staffer Meredith McIver has taken responsibility and apologized for the alleged plagiarism of Melania Trump’s speech, but in in a statement that the campaign rejected her offer to resign.

Describing herself as an ‘in-house staff writer’ at the Trump organization, McIver says Mrs. Trump read her some passages of Michelle Obama’s speech as examples of what she liked.

“I wrote them down and later included some of the phrasing in the draft that ultimately became the final speech. I did not check Mrs. Obama’s speeches. That was my mistake, and I feel terrible for the chaos I have caused Melania and the Trumps, as well as to Mrs. Obama. No harm was meant,” she said in a statement.

“Yesterday, I offered my resignation to Mr. Trump and the Trump family, but they rejected it. Mr. Trump told me that people make innocent mistakes and that we learn and grow from these experiences.”

Now, isn’t that the kind of boss we all want to work for? One who responds to taking responsibility for a mistake with an acknowledgement that mistakes are often where learning and growth happens — rather than casting an employee off at the first stumble?

“I asked to put out this statement because I did not like seeing the way this was distracting from Mr. Trump’s historic campaign for president and Melania’s beautiful message and presentation,” she wrote.

Of course, while the controversy which was lapped up by the lamestream media and liberals across social media, indeed distracted from Melania’s graceful and poised presentation, it may not have been all bad, as the Republican nominee himself pointed out today.

And indeed, the whole incident teed up another opportunity for Trump to, in his characteristic style, point out the ludicrousness of the fury surrounding a potential First Lady’s use of a couple phrases in her address compared to the relative pass an actual candidate for president got for violating our national security and lying to the American people about it — not just once, but time and time again.

No doubt the skeptical out there will read this latest episode in the controversy surrounding Melania’s speech as nothing more than a well-crafted public relations move by the Trump campaign. And whether it’s just that or a reflection of what truly happened, we can only hope this puts this blown-out-of-proportion controversy to rest so we can focus on more important matters. (One can dream…)

One can interpret the glomming on to the details in Melania’s speech by liberals in any number of ways. I can’t help but think they’re starting to panic big-time. With this man who was never supposed to come close having just become the GOP nominee for president and now nipping at Hillary’s heels in the polls, they will be looking for every possible distraction from what is on display this week in Cleveland. And it’s becoming increasingly apparent this week in Cleveland that Trump’s family — his wife Melania and his children — are assets. Which, if you’re the left, puts them all in the center of their aim.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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