BREAKING: Brussels in lockdown over bomb alert

Another suicide terror attack in Europe may have been thwarted this morning when a man was spotted in Brussels with “wires hanging out of his coat.”

The Sun reports, BELGIAN police have cornered a “suspicious” man at gunpoint after he walked through Brussels wearing a “a long coat with protruding wires”.

Dramatic images showed the man kneeling on the ground with his hands behind his head as two police train their pistols at him in the city centre.


Police said the man is “under control” but they have not yet arrested him. It was also confirmed a bomb disposal robot is at the scene.

The city is currently basking in temperatures of 32C – prompting concerns about his need for a thick winter coat.

Confirming a large operation was underway near Place de la Monnaie in the city centre, a Belgian police source said: “A person with a long coat is considered suspicious.”

The man was reportedly spotted by security guards, who contacted police to report his behavior.

Local stores and a library were evacuated.

Police sources added: “We hope to act quickly.”

Tensions are high in Brussels as the city is preparing to celebrate Belgian National Day tomorrow. You’ll recall it was only last week in Nice on France’s Bastille Day that 84 people were killed when an Islamic terrorist mowed them down with a truck.

We can only pray there is no repeat tomorrow.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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