Cartoon features first married gay couple; liberals should be FURIOUS

Children’s television network Nickelodeon has decided to swallow up gallons of the progressive Kool-Aid and introduce a married gay couple in the latest episode of their animated series, The Loud House.

This isn’t the first time a same-sex couple has been featured on children’s programming, but one has never featured such a couple as married.

While many are already crying foul, what seems to be even more egregious is how the show entrenches homosexual stereotypes, yet there’s not a leftist in sight who has a problem with it.

The Daily Wire reports, On Nickelodeon, a gay couple is introduced during an episode called “Overnight Success” airing on Wednesday.

During the episode, a reoccurring character named Clyde McBride shows up at 11-year-old Lincoln Loud’s house for a sleepover. Clyde is accompanied by his two gay dads: Mr. Howard McBride and Mr. Harold McBride.

In this quick clip, the characters manage to reinforce just about every gay man stereotype, even throwing in a flood of tears for good measure.

“Remember, Clyde, no nuts, no gluten, no sugar and be careful with orange juice,” says Harold. “You know how you get with pulp.”

This is certainly not the first time Nickelodeon has pushed LGBT messaging via its shows.

Nick Jr. previously featured transgender drag queen RuPaul in an episode of their hit show “Bubble Guppies” in June of 2015. He voiced-over “RuPearl, a stylish sea snail and announcer for a ‘dress up race’ held during Fashion Week in the underwater city of Bubbletucky,” reports Lego.

In December of 2014, Nickelodeon did confirm there was a lesbian romance between characters on the hit show Legends of Korra.

What’s hilarious here is the fact these shows reinforce stereotypes that would normally enrage the LGBT community but are perfectly acceptable so long as they’re pushed forth by left-leaning progressive networks.

It’s a perfect example of the hypocrisy of the left. If something being spoken by a conservative is deemed “offensive,” then similar language used by others should be equally condemned.

Parents, consider yourself warned.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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