BREAKING: Trump clinches it…

Donald J. Trump is the Republican nominee for president. Ending months of anticipation about a possible convention floor fight to replace him, Trump has just surpassed the 1,237 delegate required to clinch the nomination. The votes that put him over the top were cast by the New York delegation, with Trump’s son, Donald Jr, making the announcement, flanked by sisters Ivanka and Tiffany and brother Eric.

Watch the moment as it happened here:

Via Politico:

Donald Trump is presumptive nominee no more.

The New York delegation put Trump over the 1,237-delegate threshold necessary to claim the Republican Party’s presidential nomination during a roll call vote on the floor of Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena on Tuesday. Convention rules permitted the delegation from Trump’s home state, which initially passed when called to announce its votes, to go out of order during the alphabetical roll call vote of states and territories.

Trump had been expected to cruise beyond the 1,237-delegate mark, but Republicans who oppose his candidacy had threatened to mount a final stand on the floor.

Turns out, #NeverTrump is no more — at least when it comes to ousting Trump as the 2016 nominee.

Time to unite around #NeverHillary.


[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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