After Day 1 here in Cleveland, here’s the most DISTURBING thing I heard

Greetings from the RNC convention in Cleveland Ohio, and I just gotta tell y’all, Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians, is an impressive baseball stadium.

I want to first give a very special hat tip to all the magnificent law enforcement officers providing security at the RNC convention site. There are talented and professional officers from a wide range of agencies, and guess what, there ain’t even a bug inside that security cordon – as a matter of fact, I did not see a fly – that’s how tight it is. A true testimony to the men and women who put it on every day to ensure we reside in a civil society based on law and order.

And ya know what was really cool for me personally? There was a contingent here from the Atlanta Police Department who even recognized me. And when they came over to take pictures, I explained to them that I was a “Grady baby.” You have to live in Atlanta to know the significance…

To my utter amazement, the senior officer, a police captain, actually worked my neighborhood, the Old Fourth Ward, and knew exactly where my home street, Kennesaw Avenue was!

So, as I write this just after midnight, I must admit I heard a very troubling statement from the president…as if a day goes by when that doesn’t happen.

It appears Mr. Obama once again displayed an acute case of foot-in-mouth disease, or as I call it, headupbuttitis, when he stated that “the police need to admit their past mistakes” and then, stupidly — if I may say so — compared Black Lives Matter to the abolitionist movement. Now, in the famed words of one Doc Holliday, “Obama ain’t no daisy.” Where does Barack Obama get these insidious statements? It is as if he suffers from a condition we termed in the military as “brain farts.” Those brave men and women that my family met and thanked, like the U.S. Secret Service agents, who were doggone courteous beyond belief, have not a doggone thing to address from the past.

Heck, I don’t think Barack Obama, or any Democrat, wants to have a conversation about admitting past mistakes. I could go on and on about the Democrat Party of slavery who stood against the 13th, 14th , and 15th amendments — all proposed by the GOP. I could talk about the establishment of the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow laws. I could articulate the blatant racism and support of the first “progressive president,” one Woodrow Wilson, who did nothing to stem the tide of lynchings. And let’s not delve into the issue of literacy tests, poll taxes, and other means of restricting the vote to blacks.

And please, it was the Senate Republicans led by Everett Dirksen, who enabled the civil rights legislation of the early ‘60s to pass. It was Lyndon Johnson who decided to leverage that to economically enslave the black community — and we all know what he said aboard Air Force One.

So, you men and women of the Thin Blue Line and all of you who are our every day “Guardians of the Republic”, pay no mind to the nonsensical and imbecilic ranting of one who seeks to foment racial strife and division — albeit endangering your lives as part of this deplorable plan. The goals and objectives of today’s new American Socialist Party are clear as day. Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with freedom from the shackles of enslavement – as a matter of fact Mr. President, the Republican Party was started by abolitionists…not the Democrat Party.

The theme for the RNC convention on evening one was “Make America Safe Again” — certainly NOT the aim of Barack Obama. As a matter of fact, just yesterday we had another example of why Obama’s ilk are ill-prepared to keep us safe. Monday evening, a 17-year-old Afghan migrant wielding a hatchet and a knife injured four people on a train in Würzburg, Germany. Does that sound familiar? Well, it should, because the exact same thing happened on our own streets in New York City and the victim was a NYPD officer — I pray he is recovering.

But, does anyone recall Barack Obama taking to the podium and making a statement, speech, or even going to New York City to visit the officer? I know he didn’t attend the funeral services for NYPD officers, Ramos and Liu — and our police officers need to admit mistakes of the past? Heck Mr. President, you need to admit the mistakes you are making every day. And over the past seven-and-a-half years of your administration, your mistakes have led to the deaths of Americans.

The most powerful testimonies last night came from the victims of the mistakes made by Barack Obama…and Hillary Clinton. We heard from Pat Smith, mother of Sean Smith, who lost his life in Benghazi. We heard from two men who were abandoned by Obama and Clinton in Benghazi…the latter subsequently lying about the entire episode. We heard from family members who’d lost their loved ones to illegal immigrants who had multiple offenses and felonies, yet were given sanctuary — and remember it was Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats who blocked legislation to defund sanctuary cities.

We can have an ideological debate about Keynesian economic principles versus free market, supply-side principles — well, it wouldn’t be much of a debate.

But there can be no debate about who can “Make America Safe Again.” It is not the party that views national security through a prism of obfuscation, denial, and lies. It is not the party that eschews our national sovereignty and border protection in favor of those here illegally, all for electoral gain. It is not the party consistently demonizing our law enforcement officers and propping up a racist domestic terrorist group.

The new American Socialist Party led by Barack Obama, who hopes to turn over the reigns to another pathological liar doesn’t have to admit their past mistakes. We’re all very aware of them. It’s just a doggone shame so many are so lacking in moral character that they actually embrace those mistakes.

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