Marcus Luttrell says FOUR WORDS that leave Cleveland convention SPEECHLESS

Watching the opening night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland tonight, it’s absolutely refreshing to hear from an array of real Americans who so clearly love this country. People who are not only proud to BE Americans — unlike so many on the left who feel ashamed and apologetic about this great Republic — but who are proud to SERVE and protect this greatest nation on earth.

A shining example of this is none other than Marcus Luttrell, the soldier who inspired the movie ‘Lone Survivor.’ While his entire speech was inspiring, it was four words that summed up what so many of us needed to hear tonight — and in general.

America is the light. YES!!!!

And further, this:

Nailed it.

You can see his full speech below:

Yes, despite the challenges of the past 7+ years, American is still the shining city on the hill — it is the light. We can return it to its rightful place of greatness — as long as we stop Hillary Clinton from getting back into the White House.

Thank you, Marcus Luttrell, for being a true patriot and reminding us of the greatness inherent in our great Republic.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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