Turkish president has SHOCK response to crowd calling for death penalty…

While the attempted coup by Turkish military has been thwarted, it is certainly not the end of violence in this secular (at least for now) Muslim nation.

The Independent reports, Six thousand people have been arrested over the uprising amid growing fears the government will use the attempted putsch as a cover for cracking down on legitimate dissent.

High-ranking soldiers and 2,700 judges are among those to have been detained following clashes in which 265 people were killed.

Some analysts theorize the entire coup was staged to allow Erdogan to flush out disloyal members of the military and government and eliminate all opposition.

Conspiracy theory or no, it looks like that may well happen.

The Independent reports, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that parliament will consider introducing the death penalty to deal with those believed to have committed traitorous acts against the state.

And Turkey’s prime minister, Binali Yildirim, said that life was returning to normal and urged supporters to remain on the streets to show their support for the government.

He also issued a stark warning to opponents: “Another calamity has been thwarted. However, our duty is not over. We shall rapidly conduct the cleansing operation so that they cannot again show the audacity of coming against the will of the people.”

Addressing tens of thousands on the streets who were chanting “We want the death penalty! We want the death penalty!”, Mr Yildrim told protestors: “We got your message. The necessary will be done.”

Meanwhile, as we reported yesterday, Erdogan appears to be holding 1,500 U.S. soldiers hostage at Incirlik air base in an attempt to pressure Obama to hand over his political opponent, Fethullah Gulen,

who was exiled to Pennsylvania. Erdogan claims that Gulen ordered and organized the failed coup with blessings and support from President Obama and the U.S.

Erdogan is now demanding Gulen be extradited and Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States would entertain an extradition request for Mr Gulen, but Turkey would have to present legitimate evidence that withstands scrutiny.

Oh yes, Secretary Kerry knows ALL about legitimate evidence that withstands scrutiny. Look what a great job he did with the Iran nuclear deal. So great in fact, that Iran just recently warned Israel it had more than 100,000 missiles aimed and ready to fire at the Jewish state.

Things are just peachy, under Obama’s watch, aren’t they?

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