I have a PERSONAL message for the men and women of the Thin Blue Line…

I attend Watermark Community Church here in Dallas, and today during the service, we watched segments from the Memorial Service for slain Dallas police officer Michael Smith. Smith, 56, was a Watermark member and was killed in the downtown Dallas ambush of law enforcement officers a little over a week ago. He was a former Army Ranger, and a strong Christian man of faith. As the family sat at our routine after church meal, I received a text message — it had happened again.

In Baton Rouge we have six law enforcement officers shot, three killed. This comes after the police there broke up a plot of several individuals with stolen weapons from a local pawn store with the intent of killing police officers. Just two days ago, we joined our neighbors across the street by displaying a flag to honor our fallen members of the Thin Blue Line. We will continue to fly this standard in respect to these men and women of the line, and until this scourge ends.

However, it will continue until we have the “first black president” come out and speak with such stentorian manner against these wanton ambushes and shootings — just as strongly as he expresses his racially divisive rants on prejudice, bias, and “social justice.”

The time has come when we must clearly delineate racist speech and intent and declare organizations such as Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panther Party as domestic terrorist organizations.

Free speech is something we should all champion, but, when a group chants, “what do we want, dead cops, when do we want them, now” and “pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon”…that is not free speech, it is indeed hate speech. And it should be rejected by all of us, and those groups shunned.

We should not celebrate such groups and allow them access to the White House — ya know what I mean Mr. President? I’m quite sure if any white president sat down with members of the Ku Klux Klan or any white supremacist group –oh, that’s right, everyone went nuts on Donald Trump for not quickly enough denouncing David Duke.

So why the double standard of Barack Obama just having a nice chat and praising a group fueling the flames of racial hatred against our law enforcement officers?

Perhaps, Obama — just as he is an Islamist sympathizer — embraces the BLM goals and objectives, their raison d’être — which is contradictory to truth and civil order.

To all the men and women of the Thin Blue Line who safeguard our freedoms and ensure domestic tranquility and uphold justice — I “Back the Blue.” I reject this BLM group along with the New Black Panther Party and see little difference between them and the Muslim Brotherhood — another group Obama embraces.

Why? Perhaps you haven’t seen the despicable drawing image of a white police officer being beheaded by a black person dressed in ISIS-like garb. And the fact that an NFL football player shared that image in what has to be seen as agreement is disgusting — and the NFL should release that player.

What about all these athletes wearing their black tee shirts and making statements — such as was done at the Espy Awards recently? Perhaps they shouldn’t have the armed protection of police officers so they can make hundreds and thousands and millions of dollars — compare that to the paychecks of those whom they denigrate.

This must end, but it unfortunately will not as long as we elect the radical progressive socialists into positions of power in America.

We must restore this Republic, restore civil society and order — and that doesn’t happen with the folks of the new American Socialist Party, the acolytes of Saul Alinsky.

I remember when I was running for Congress in South Florida and meeting with the Broward and Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association (PBA) for an endorsement interview. On every occasion before we began, the words were to the effect, look Colonel West, we know your brother was a police officer in Atlanta and how well you support our law enforcement officers.

But, we could never support you because you are a Republican and our union wouldn’t allow it. So I just have to ask, are these police unions ok with supporting the party that turns their back on the Blue?

Are these unions cool with Obama inviting BLM to the White House and Hillary Clinton sharing their hashtag and castigating the police as attacking black males?

When we ponder what’s happened recently in just the past week — Dallas, Nice, Baton Rouge, Istanbul, Bangladesh, Orlando…there’s a serious issue with security and civil order. The legacy of Barack Obama will not be one of law and order, strength and resolve — it will be one of insecurity, fecklessness, weakness, and racial divisiveness.

C’mon folks, BACK THE BLUE!

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