BOMBSHELL: French government HID ‘gruesome torture’ ISIS inflicted on Paris victims…

Last night in Chattanooga Tennessee, I spoke before the “Honoring the Sacrifice — American Heroes Dinner.” In its third year, the event “serves as a fundraiser for the organization’s mission to provide direct assistance to severely-wounded men and women who suffered life-altering injuries while serving our country. The event falls on the weekend of the first anniversary of Chattanooga’s terrorist attack, a special tribute will be paid to the victims, survivors, and their families.”

Of course, the world is focused on the Islamic terrorist attack in Nice, France, where some 84 lost their lives. And already, the apologists are coming out and stating that Islamic jihadism had nothing to do with the attack. He was just a troubled soul upset about his divorce. They’re touting statements by relatives of the assailant that he ate pork, drank, smoked, and chased women – big freaking deal. The 9/11 attackers frequented strip clubs before their heinous endeavor. The Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki was known to have attended strip clubs as well.

And let me tell y’all, when I was a student at the Artillery School, the exchange officers from Muslim nations enjoyed their share of alcoholic libations and strip clubs in Lawton, Oklahoma. So, once again, we seek to dismiss the ideology and its connection to the attacks.

And, speaking of dismissing the horrific impact of the radical ideology, now there are reports that the French government suppressed information about the Islamic terrorist attack in Paris at Bataclan. The UK Daily Mail stated, The French government suppressed the media from reporting the gruesome torture of several of the Bataclan terrorist attack victims, it has been claimed.

A government committee has heard from a leading investigator that policemen on the scene of the attacks last November vomited after witnessing victims with their eyes gouged out. They claimed that some had been castrated with their genitals put in their mouths and that women were stabbed in the genitals.

But prosecutors at the parliamentary inquiry into the Bataclan deaths in France have cast doubt over the claims after revealing that no sharp knives were found at the scene.

The inquiry heard that the alleged torture was the reason that some bodies of those who died were not released to their family, reported HeatStreet

The investigator told the inquiry: ‘After the assault, we were with colleagues at the passage Saint-Pierre Amelot when I saw weeping from one of our colleagues who came outside to vomit. He told us what he had seen.’

He then confirmed that his colleague had seen ‘acts of torture’ on the second floor of the Bataclan. 

Terrorist attackers were planning on using filmed footage of the torture victims for ISIS propoganda, it was claimed. Some of the victims were beheaded by the terrorist attackers, according to the claims.

In his comments regarding the Islamist attack in Nice, President Obama alluded that the ideology of Islamism will be defeated by enhanced economic opportunity. Why, why is it that it appears to the layman’s eye we have Western media and elected officials so bent upon dismissing and excusing this enemy?

And so it is that today, Saturday, July 16, is a day that won’t mean much to many across the United States. However, having just been in Chattanooga, my memory of this day is very fresh. It was a year ago today that an Islamic jihadist, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, used an AK-47 to fire upon a military recruiting station and then drove to attack the US Navy Reserve Support Facility. His despicable actions resulted in the deaths of:

  • Gunnery Sergeant Thomas J. Sullivan, Springfield Mass, USMC
  • SSgt David A. Wyatt, Russellville Arkansas, USMC
  • SGT Carson A. Holmquist, Grantsburg Wisconsin, USMC
  • Lance Corporal Squire K. “Skip” Wells, Marietta Georgia, USMC
  • Petty Officer Second Class Randall Smith, Paulding Ohio, USN


US Marine Sergeant DeMonte Cheeley of Atlanta, Georgia, was shot in the leg at the recruiting station. I had the honor of hearing him speak last night and meeting him at the “Honoring the Sacrifice” dinner event.

The pathetic shame is that it wasn’t until December — five months after the attack — that FBI Director James Comey announced, “the shooting was motivated by foreign terrorist organization propaganda.” How weak and vanilla, even after waiting months to declare it. I drove past the strip mall where the Armed Forces recruiting station is located. This beautiful city nestled beneath the mountains along the Tennessee river a year ago became the front lines in the war against Islamic fascism…but we have long since forgotten, moved along.

And so in this past year, we have had San Bernadino and Orlando — and all we get from this Obama administration is that this is about gun control. Nah, here in Chattanooga it was about denying the ability of our men and women in uniform to protect themselves by being armed. Their ability to defend themselves was controlled by a person who hides behind armed security. Is this what we’re willing to accept as a new normal? When are we going to reject the abject hypocrisy of the liberal progressive socialist political elites who have armed security, but seek to disarm the rest of us, law-abiding American citizens. And in the case of Chattanooga, our men and women in uniform.

So in Nice, France, 84 are dead, and in Chattanooga, they have a beautiful mural in memory of the Chattanooga Five. But this Nation will not remember them today; the president certainly will not. Obama will not be visiting Chattanooga; he did not a year ago — he was too busy heading off to see a Broadway show. (You may recall it took five days and a lot of public pressure for Obama to even lower the flags to honor our slain service men last year.) He will not release a statement in remembrance. And what is worse, has anything been done to correct the travesty of not allowing those men to be able to protect themselves? No.

The Islamists continue to kill us on our shores, and the sheep we have in positions of responsibility tell us compassion, unity, love, diplomacy  and jobs will rectify the situation…and we want another four years of these feckless imbecilies?

Chattanooga Strong!

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